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Euro 2012 Daily: All Eyes on A (EPL Talk Podcast)

What a start to the tournament. Seven goals, two games. If this continues…wow! The pod gets excited for Poland and Ukraine as the opening ceremony seemed to touch the hearts of at least two podders. Looking at the style of football, it wasn’t long until the players felt the same […]

Euro 2012 Daily: Warsaw to Kiev (EPL Talk Podcast)

The talking is over! That’s not true…it’s only just beginning on the EPL Talk podcast. Today: racing to the opening of your football advent calendar: who would you want inside the first door? Speaking of doors: will any of group A be able to hit the barn one? Only one […]

Euro 2012 Daily: All of the Lights (EPL Talk Podcast)

Stadium lights, flash lights, street lights, shiny lights. All of the lights in Warsaw are on and shining towards the stadium. Beautifully lit on any night after 9.30, the stadium will advertise the score and critical points in the game for all to see outside whilst the inside will be […]

Euro 2012 Daily: Hotlines (EPL Talk Podcast)

If it’s news you want. News you get, EPL Talk will keep you up to date with all the Euro 2012 news in audible form. Three people join Laurence on the podcast, Kristan, Matt and Morgan. They express opinion on friendlies in leading up to the tournament. What do they […]

Euro 2012 Daily: Continental Drift (EPL Talk Podcast)

The news broke just hours ago, EPL Talk is moving to Poland and Ukraine for the Euros. Laurence McKenna touched down in Warsaw today and will be bringing updates and build up from the tournament throughout June and July. If you want to get involved or send a request for […]

Euro 2012 Daily: Through The Wire (EPL Talk Podcast)

Squads continue to change. Players continue to rotate. Liverpool have 6 players in the England squad, people are questioning why but it shows the strange cross-over between season and competition. Rumours surrounding the tournament continue for many sides, as Buffon of Italy and Sneijder of Netherlands have quite public gaffes. […]

Euro 2012 Daily: Friendly Fire (EPL Talk Podcast)

There were some impressive ‘friendly’ results as we build up towards the tournament. So it’s time to evaluate and report for the podcast. England’s performance seemed to reinforce some of the conclusions that we’ve already made about England, elsewhere: no so much. We discuss Paul Lambert, why people move around […]

Euro 2012 Daily: Black Nets (EPL Talk Podcast)

Preparation: a vital part of any football lifestyle. So in preparation for Euro 2012 we are starting the ‘daily’ podcasts here. Running alongside the players in training, speaking with journalists and aggregating information for you in one digestible section. Welcome. On todays update: Squad adjustments in Italy and England. Whilst, […]

Euro 2012 Group D Preview (EPL Talk Podcast)

Group D is one of the most fascinating, from an English perspective. For the French it is a new start and a chance to prove themselves. Sweden have nothing to prove as a team, but as individuals they surround Ibra and make a lovely supply line. Ukraine have a wonderful […]

Euro 2012 Group C Preview (EPL Talk Podcast)

It doesn’t get much better than this. Period. Big names, big sides and under-dogs; well mixed in together and all with a point to prove. The difficulty for Group C is that they have been pitted against each other, so in that mix, what does it mean for each side? […]

Euro 2012 Group B Preview (EPL Talk Podcast)

When it comes to Group B, we are in for a treat. History, heritage and ‘hate’ – of sorts. So how will the football be played? How much does that change for the new generations who are making their own narrative in this tournament? With Germany, Holland, Denmark and Portugal […]

Euro 2012 Group A Preview (EPL Talk Podcast)

Introducing, the EPL Talk Podcast: Euro 2012 Coverage. As we move closer to the tournament it is time to take a closer look at the teams involved. So, without further ado: Group A is in review. With four teams and four groups expect four podcasts. Each pod will look into […]

Premier League 2011-12 Season Review (EPL Talk Special Podcast)

It takes some time to review the season. So much to fit into one pod, which is why this podcast is almost the length of two EPL Talk podcasts…but worth the time and effort as the regular podders take on morality, money, moronic tweets and missing empty nets. Really? Of […]

Chelseans of Europe (EPL Talk Special Podcast)

It’s a UCL Special! Chelsea have won it! And that leave so much for us to talk about, ownership, management and player power are all discussed on the podcast! Come on in, the words are warm. AVB, RDM, RA or JT, all letters lead to success for Chelsea this season […]

Champions League Final (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

So much to discuss on this pod. Hiring and firing in the league. Natural or should we be shocked? Two managers who barely fulfil their role get cut from the team. Kenny Daglish and Alex McLeish. The Scottish population in the league certainly took a battering this season. Uncle Roy […]

Blue Moon! Red Horizon! (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Manchester City win the title. Beating out Manchester United on goal difference. Sir Alex was gracious in defeat which Roberto seemed to be in dreamland. Manchester celebrates as neutrals ponder who to hate next season…either way City have caused a new kind of upset. The likely upset. And in such […]

Red vs. Blue (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

It’s the final day of the season, come Sunday. So get to it! The pod certainly does, we look up and down the league to see who will end up where at the end of the season. It really isn’t that far away. With the top far from decided, we […]

Probably Two Happy Robertos (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

A weekend of literal and narrative cup finals for north and south. Though it was interesting to see where they took place. Liverpool visited London whilst United hosted and City went to “The Shore”. All results lead to dejection and jubilance. Overall, London comes away as the happier City. So, […]

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UN eyes tax on soccer tickets to pay for humanitarian aid

A UN study of new sources of financing for its multi-billion-dollar aid operations is recommending a voluntary tax on football matches or concerts as one option to raise funds. The report released Sunday in Dubai also recommended tapping into Islamic social finance and mandatory alms-giving (zakat) as well as improving […]

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Schalke hasn’t received offers for Leroy Sane, Max Meyer or Joel Matip, says coach

Schalke manager André Breitenreiter says that the club hasn’t received any offers for Leroy Sane, Max Meyer or Joel Matip. All three players have been widely reported as transfer targets for clubs across Europe. Barcelona and Manchester City are reportedly chasing the signing of highly-regarded winger/forward Leroy Sane, while Liverpool […]