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  1. EPL Talk Podcast: Stefan Szymanski

    Steven Szymanski, noted sports economist and co-author of the book Soccernomics (with Simon Kuper) joins us on the EPL Talk podcast to discuss the book and other economic trends in football.

  2. EPL Talk Podcast: Holiday Special

    This special holiday edition of the EPL Talk podcast features Simon Evans of Reuters, The Gaffer and EPL Talk’s Kartik Krishnaiyer describing holiday football memories and the year that was 2009. The show was taped on location at Kingshead Pub … Continue reading

  3. EPL Talk Podcast: Vijay Setlur

    Vijay Setlur, Football writer/consultant joins us on the show to discuss the business around the World Cup, the popularity of football in Canada, television rights around the world and much much more.

  4. EPL Talk Podcast: Robert Poredos

    We get an up close look at Slovenia the nation and football side from Robert Porderos of the Slovenian Press Agency. Hear about the reaction to World Cup Qualification in the Balkan Nation, as well as details about the nation … Continue reading

  5. EPL Talk: Ron Davies

    Southampton and Wales legend Ron Davies is the interview guest on the latest episode of the EPL Talk Podcast, the number one Premier League news and interview show on the Internet. Davies was named the best centre forward in Europe … Continue reading

  6. EPL Talk Podcast: Chris Riordan

    Chris Riordan of Russian Football Now joins us to discuss Andre Arshavin and the Russian based players who may make their way to England this January.

  7. EPL Talk Podcast: Declan Hill

    Declan Hill, the author of the critically acclaimed 2008 book, The Fix joins us on the EPL Talk Podcast to discuss recent events related to corruption in the game. Among the topics discussed with Hill include how the UEFA Champions … Continue reading

  8. EPL Talk: Robbie Earle

    Robbie Earle MBE, leading Football pundit joins us to discuss his career in football and broadcasting.