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  • Saturday, February 13

    Dortmund vs. Hannover, 9:30am, FS2 & FOX Soccer 2GO

  • Saturday, February 13

    Real Madrid vs. Athletic, 10am ET, beIN SPORTS & fuboTV

  • Saturday, February 13

    Valencia vs. Espanyol, 2:30pm ET, beIN SPORTS en Espanol and fuboTV

  • Saturday, February 13

    Juventus vs. Napoli, 2:45pm ET, beIN SPORTS & fuboTV

  • Sunday, February 14

    NEC vs. PSV, 10:45am ET, NGSN

  • Sunday, February 14

    Augsburg vs. Bayern Munich, 11:30am ET, FS2 & FOX Soccer 2GO.

  • Sunday, February 14

    Getafe vs. Atletico Madrid, 12:15pm ET, beIN SPORTS and fuboTV

  • Sunday, February 14

    Barcelona vs. Celta Vigo, 2:30pm ET, beIN SPORTS & fuboTV

  • Sunday, February 14

    Pachuca vs. Puebla, 8pm ET, NBC Universo

Tiny Margins (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

Another weekend of Premier League football is in the book and the Pod is back to cover it all. This weekend we had the pleasure of being joined by Spurs fan Matt Lichtenstadter to help us break down the games this weekend. We also give our thoughts on the Wayne […]

Cup Comments (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

Cup weekend! But there is so much more on the podcast this week as Laurence is away. Liverpool and Arsenal had another classic match with much to remember whilst other sides progressed in a smoother fashion. Can Gus do anything wrong in a cup right now? So. World, let’s Talk […]

Beckham x Miami (World Soccer Talk Special Podcast)

So much talk over the past week has been about Beckham and his venture into the MLS, on the owner side. We are a little late to the party, but here we are to go through the coverage and the ideas that we can put together to work out what […]

99 Red Crosses (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

Here it comes! Don’t just head it away or throw yourself at it, make something of the podcast. There is an opportunity here to make something of this season as teams posture and present themselves into…draws… Others were unlucky with the weather, both letting them play or stopping a good […]

Samuel L. Jackson 5 (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

When the top of the table sees such a significant shift in just a few hours you know that it’s a good season! La Liga can keep their table shifts, the EPL is just as competitive at this point and maybe because the football is going through a diversity of […]

The Leveler (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

We waited until Monday to record the podcast, but then we ran into technical problems and weren’t able to release it until Wednesday. The featured game this week was the penultimate-matchup between MCFC and CFC as Jose pulled away in the psychological games, in which he seems to set the […]

Interview With Steve Bower, Soccer Commentator and Presenter

World Soccer Talk interviewed commentator and presenter Steve Bower today on the eve of NBC’s Premier League transfer deadline show that will be aired live on NBCSN in the United States from 6:30pm to 7:30pm ET. During the interview, Bower discusses: • What it was like working at Old Trafford […]

Midweek Love (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

A strange feel to the football played during the midweek, because it doesn’t feel like a weekend and these games should be something more continental. We appreciate the different feel and speed of the games. Two derbies, both on Merseyside and in the Midlands: along with a Manchester revival and […]

Sweet FA (World Soccer Talk Review Podcast)

Cup competitions are a good time to judge a side, the balance, the anti-environment that they find themselves in. But at this point in the season: focus is on balance and finding that balance. Perhaps some managers have dined out on their imbalance for too long, in the league and […]

Guzan’s Choice (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Like Kristan says… ‘evolve or die’. Makes sense this weekend as some people seem to be learning about change and others seem to be upset that they can’t keep up. Difficult for so many to keep up in this league and yet there seems to be so much which is […]

De-Fone-It-In (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

  Return of the forgotten strikers this weekend as they sail on the ripples of successful teammates: Jermaine and Nando both grabbing goals during tricky wins for London sides. SAS also made a gun-toting, hooting and hollering return to the league with an assist and goal compliment. Elsewhere, Swansea made […]

PES’d Off (Press ‘A’ To Shoot)

Morgan and Matt review PES 14, taking a look at the ups and downs of FIFA’s main competitor. The boys also take a quick look at FIFA 14 on Xbox One and even a little FM banter. EPL Talk: @epltalk Matt: @mattcrduncan Morgan: @Morgan_Green Matthew@worldsoccertalk.com Morgan@worldsoccertalk.com Here are the different […]

FA Coup (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

It’s the cup weekend, what a wonderful way to continue into 2014 as the teams start an uncertain walk towards the end of the season. For some that walk became even more hazy as they crashed out of the cup, having tried their hardest. Other managers took the flack for […]

N.Y.Evens (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Happy New Year! Of course, new things come with the new year: right? Well, for some sides this was true. For others, the home comforts and sitting on the couch in front of the TV was too tempting to make them get up and actually bother at the football. We […]

Arsenal First-Last (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

The half-way point of the season and frankly: we’re only a little clearer on who could be challenging for a title at this point. 9 and 9 separate the top and bottom 10s, if that makes sense. So where is best to be in the table? Who deserves to be […]

Penalty Boxing Day Bonanza (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Did you enjoy that day off from football watching duty and got plenty of family time in? Good, now that’s sorted we can dive right back in to, Suarez, strike rates, and Santa’s January wishlist. In section 1 we talk about the big game of Boxing Day, as Liverpool travelled […]

Scouse Tree (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

It’s Christmas time. There is need to be afraid. At Christmas time, we turn on floodlights and we wade to football matches. Incredible conditions in football begin to become a factor at this point in the season. But in the league, there are storms brewing on a political level. Who […]

Nominate Us For Best Sports Commentary (Special Update)

If you’ve ever listened to an episode of the EPL Talk Podcast, we’d like to ask a favor of you that’ll take just 30 seconds. We’d love it if you’d nominate us to be in the running for an award. Stitcher is asking for suggestions of which podcasts to include […]

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