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Euro 2012 Daily: Time to Talk (EPL Talk Podcast)

It’s one of two off days. Both: great days. Good time to sit back and chat a little bit. A lovely debate. So let’s talk world-class and what it means to be ‘world-class’. Does England have a player of that level? Rooney? Gerrard? Hart? We start from your points and […]

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Euro 2012 Daily: That’s Amoré (EPL Talk Podcast)

Italy crash into the semi-finals, whilst England crash out. Penalties make it all better for the English press though, I guess they can make a difference to the opinion. Opinion will be split on this, but does that mean that England did well or not? To devour that: 4 people […]

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Euro 2012 Daily: Spaincast (EPL Talk Podcast)

Spain go through. France crash out, even if the damage is reparable: the press are disappointed with their analysis points.Those analysis points: worth a look. The special point of the podcast: Richard Farley returns to evaluate the tournament so far and look at the favourites: Spain and Germany. How does […]

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Euro 2012 Daily: Greece slips up! (EPL Talk Podcast)

Friday night fun ensued with Germany and Greece playing out a goal heavy knockout round. It wasn’t entirely plain sailing for favourites Germany however- as Celtic striker Giorgos Samaras cancelled out Philip Lahm’s early strike. After that Joachim Lowe’s side raced through the gears scoring three unanswered goal including a […]

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Euro 2012 Daily: Czech mate Portugal (EPL Talk Podcast)

It’s down to the knockout stages- meaning everything is on the line. In the first of this rounds games Portugal ousted the Czech Republic via a narrow 1-0 victory. Cristiano Ronaldo was the recipient of the goal after some neat play by Joao Moutinho- the Real Madrid striker really hitting […]

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Euro 2012 Daily: Day Off, For Some (EPL Talk Podcast)

Days off aren’t really days off in football. Especially in a tournament, you’re always thinking of the time ahead, which match is next. Who you will face, visualising, scheming, imagining. So when it comes to days like this, the pod is no different! We are visualising with you! Join Laurence […]

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Euro 2012 Daily: D-oubt Sets In (EPL Talk Podcast)

England and France make it through, but only by the skin of their teeth. Sweden ran France into the ground whilst hosts Ukraine made life difficult for the islanders. Overall, the more interesting Quarter-final ties won out. The configuration: something to marvel at as England face Italy and France come […]

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Euro 2012 Daily: C You In The Next Round (EPL Talk Podcast)

The favourites from Group C progress. Surprised? Well, no considering the mixture of play that has been shown in the group. Two pragmatic if troubled sides have progressed and look to face opposition who upset the applecart in the next round. With Spain and Italy through it only validates the […]

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Euro 2012 Daily: Group B-lief (EPL Talk Podcast)

Group B took a different approach to Group A when it comes to qualifying, though it looked just as likely that a team would score. No worries, Germany and Portugal will step up. Right? Right! Cristiano and Ozil would be proud of their countries. Meanwhile Rangers don’t have a fixture […]

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Euro 2012 Daily: Underdogs Unite! (EPL Talk Podcast)

Saturday night and it’s the final countdown! Group A saw simultaneous kick offs with everything still to play for. In the end Greece and Czech Republic were the winners with victories over Russia and Poland respectively securing their safe passage through to the next round. For the Greek’s the plaudits […]

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Euro 2012 Daily: GooD FriDay (EPL Talk Podcast)

Rain was the theme for Friday’s Group D games. Be it goals or torrential downpour it made for an exciting climax to the second round of fixtures. A delay to France versus Ukraine saw England’s battle commence fifteen minutes later than scheduled. After thunder and lightning it was France that […]

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Euro 2012 Daily: See the C (EPL Talk Podcast)

Poor Ireland, they just can’t catch a break at this tournament, yet they still have a chance of influencing the group structure, makes perfect sense right? Yes, and now they’ve been pummelled by Spain they can move on to creating havoc and influencing the Euros. Funny how Trap might still […]

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Euro 2012 Daily: Group B-haviour (EPL Talk Podcast)

It didn’t get much better than Group B. We knew that one ‘big-gun’ would fail. However we didn’t expect it to happen with such little fight: and such a public shaming of the Netherlands team. A disparate looking side, desperate to achieve but not ready to do the necessary. As […]

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Euro 2012 Daily: Rivalry (EPL Talk Podcast)

When it comes to rivalry, it doesn’t get much more heated than Poland – Russia. Laurence comes live from Warsaw, where he was inside the stadium. Morgan and Matt bring us up to speed on media coverage and Kristan brings transfer news from across the continent. Whilst Harry is in […]

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Euro 2012 Daily: Group of D… (EPL Talk Podcast)

England. It is that simple, Roy brought them out to play and play they will under Hodgson as he sets them up to be a typical England team with a contemporary twist. The Ox offered the twist but the French chose to stick and pulled away with a draw. This […]

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Euro 2012 Daily: Sunday Service (EPL Talk Podcast)

Sunday normally means a day of rest, but not for the teams in Group C as they kicked off their Euro Championship campaigns. In the early game Spain and Italy were an equal match for each other meaning they had to share the points. With Di Natale taking just minutes […]

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Euro 2012 Daily: A to B (EPL Talk Podcast)

First impressions can be important, they have the potential to last. Most people wonder how they fade, well, in this tournament: with good performances. Group B didn’t offer a solid ground for impressions that any of the teams are leaving. Luckily there is still time to change that, it is […]

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Euro 2012 Daily: All Eyes on A (EPL Talk Podcast)

What a start to the tournament. Seven goals, two games. If this continues…wow! The pod gets excited for Poland and Ukraine as the opening ceremony seemed to touch the hearts of at least two podders. Looking at the style of football, it wasn’t long until the players felt the same […]

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