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Nick Geber Interview (Voices Of Soccer)

Kartik Krishnaiyer recently sat down with World Soccer Radio host Nick Geber for the second episode of the new weekly World Soccer Talk interview show, Voices of Soccer. In this audio episode, Krishnaiyer and Geber discuss a range of topics including his time with World Soccer Daily, the growth of soccer […]

Second Day Blues (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

The season is back and didn’t you just miss it? In section one we evaluate Arsenal and their derby-day win against Fulham.  Have reports of the Gunners demise been grossly exaggerated? Meanwhile Cardiff City Dragons announced themselves in the top league with a hard fought victory over Manchester City. We […]

Financial Fair Play and World Cup 2022 in Qatar (This Week In Soccer)

In the second episode of This Week In Soccer audio edition, we feature a riveting discussion about Financial Fair Play and how the repercussions of the new rulings will morph European soccer into an American closed system where promotion and relegation either disappear or change forever. Plus we discuss FIFA World Cup […]

EPL This, EPL That (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

The league returns this weekend but the pod try to dissect what that actually means for a lot of sides. As the transfer window is still open and the potential of so many sides is still to be decided (by who?) we take a look through the opening performances of […]

Season Preview 2 (EPL Talk Podcast)

The lower half of the table follows on in these preview podcasts. The podcast take a look at the second half of the table, hopeful teams: looking to promote their chances and not have to promote themselves the season after. The anxiety of relegation of the elation of staying up, […]

Season Preview 1 (EPL Talk Podcast)

It is back! The EPL Talk Podcast returns with a full roster. Welcome back! Want to know how the season is going to shape up? We are looking at the top half of the table. Champions, Top four, the chasing pack and hopefuls. There are so many exciting changes, they […]

Charlie Stilitano, International Champions Cup (EPL Talk Interview)

Later this month, the International Champions Cup will be taking place across the United States involving world soccer giants including Chelsea, Real Madrid, Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Valencia, Everton and LA Galaxy. Kartik Krishnaiyer recently sat down with Relevant Sports CEO Charlie Stilitano to discuss the upcoming tournament, to […]

Changes (EPL Talk Special Podcast)

Who’d have known that changes would come so quickly after the season? Clubs eager and anxious to get their summer in shape and be ready for the new season. For that reason it really doesn’t feel like there’s a rest from football for those involved. At least at management level, […]

Season Review Two (EPL Talk Special Podcast)

It looks as if the thing which separates the top from the bottom half is squad management and luck in the league. The pod keep this in mind as they shuttle from ten to one in the second part of the season review podcast. In this pod they cover the […]

Season Review One (EPL Talk Special Podcast)

The season ends with a wonderful playoff at Wembley, which is where the EPL Talk podcast begins as they look back at the 2012-13 season with glistening eyes and remind themselves that there have been some great highlights to the season! What was your highlight of the season? Let’s EPL […]

Post-Season-Podding (EPL Talk Special Podcast)

The games may have finished, but the action off the pitch continues. Manchester City announced their plans to own the 20th MLS franchise this week, and in section one we discuss the implications for the Citizens and MLS. What do you think? Are billionaires what the league needs to progress? […]

Touching The Void (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

It’s not a void at the end of the season. There is a new beginning in what comes next, the possibility of what is to come and the chance that things can change so much that a new season is a fresh for you. Yet, that element of belief and […]

Random Access Goodbyes (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

We know that it’s late. The final preview podcast of the season sees a series of goodbyes to managers, clubs and formats. So join the podcast in paying respect to the guys who slogged to out so that they would ultimately have to move on. The podcast also take a […]

You Say Goodbye, I Say… (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

The noise you can hear is probably squeaky bum time approaching in the Premier League. With so few games to go, the life rafts are dwindling as three teams face a nervy few days in the battle to avoid relegation. For Wigan it could be a case of say hello […]

Sir Alex Ferguson (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

There is only one place and person to begin this podcast with. Manchester is the setting, but the world is taking notice as a Sir steps down from one of the most influential jobs in football. History. Pod discuss Sir Alex and his legacy in part one. Don’t worry, there […]

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Virgil van Dijk has given Southampton one of the best center back pairings in England

For all his Liverpool deficiencies, Dejan Lovren is actually remembered fondly by Southampton fans as a pacy, reliable, ball-playing defender who surprisingly did very little wrong. Brought to St. Mary’s from French club Lyon for £8.5 million, Lovren’s performances were enough to convince Liverpool to part with £20 million for […]