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Skyfall (EPL Talk Podcast)

Lot’s of discussion on this week’s podcast. International talk, stats on winning the league and news of Twitter which no one wants to hear about. Could you be more excited? I know…so whilst they squark about Twitter why don’t you express your opinion on some of this week’s issues? Discussion […]

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Come Together (EPL Talk Podcast)

In a week between Premier League football the pod decide to chat about morals. Great, you might think. Yet, Wonga was also discussed on this podcast. Lovely, you say. Statistics too. Wow, I think. The pod also find out that Kristan is a model. Striding the catwalks of Newcastle with […]

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El United (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Some lovely football played around Europe this weekend and why should the EPL be any different? Well, there weren’t any headline games as we know them but even the pod’s featured game of United – United had history and rivalry woven into it. Unfortunately, we have to pick over the […]

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United for You (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

There is great history in Premier League games, many of them come through from old rivalries: born before the premier league was even a glint in our English eyes. So when the Uniteds meet: Manchester and Newcastle it is a special occasion because early offerings of the 90s games were […]

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derby derby derby (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Derby weekend as Wenger takes on Di Matteo and Villa face Brom in Brum. Both were ‘politically tactical’ matches where managers were just happy to get away with a good performance. Even Wenger will take positives from the match at The Emirates. Liverpool faced Norwich whilst United were beaten by […]

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Belgian Waffles (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

In an all English pod, the crew dismantle some of John Terry; a little of the court case and some of their own self-esteem as the FA fine and ban John Terry. The details still seem sketchy at time of recording, but in broad terms John Terry has done something […]

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Breaking News (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Breaking news comes towards the end of the podcast. As John Terry reveals that he is quitting…England…national…football. Yeh…as the pod comes to terms with the opinions and ramblings of the feverous media we look forward to the League Cup and back at the weekend. Featured match: Liverpool v Manchester United. […]

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Shake Hands (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

Lovely! It’s time for UCL reviews and weekend previews…not least the pod featuring: Liverpool vs. United at Anfield. An emotionally charged game at the best and worst times: differing fortunes for both sides might mean that rivalries are forgotten off the pitch the pay tribute to the 96, before the […]

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What the Dickens? (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

“A day wasted on others is not wasted on one’s self” – so come waste some time with the pod. We feature United and Wigan; discuss Citys with ideas; and look at Chelsea’s derby issue. Not only the top teams, we look at the creme dela creme in the Champions […]

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Coming To The Fore-th (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

Welcome back. You know it feels nice to be back in the warm bosom of EPL. Lovely to have you back, pull up a chair and kick back. We start with a cold story on the podcast and review some of the initial reaction to the Hillsborough Report. We will […]

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Have a Break, Have a Podcast (EPL Talk Break Podcast)

International break time and the podcast are fine with it. Why cry over crocked players? Stoke certainly don’t…but Laurence poses the question: are we not giving international football enough credit? We discuss strikers, strikees and touch on international football. Links to our best articles of the week are: Luke Moore’s […]

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Things are Changing (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

This weekend the pod is in the mood to chat. Encouraging you to listen to the entire podcast, we try to squeeze so much in. There is discussion on United, AVB, LFC and Wenger’s system. Let it flow. We look through all of the games, assess some of Southampton’s new […]

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Transfer Window Closed (EPL Talk Special Podcast)

It’s simple. The transfer window is closed. EPL Talk wants to take a look over the transfers. Plenty of final day sagas but very few big money transfers. What does that mean for the league? A different time of transition or austerity? Which transfers stood out to you? Which people […]

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Martin lol (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

There is so much going on in the EPL this week. Will managers have time to look at their squads for the weekend? Will they even know who will be in their squad by the weekend. That’s arguably a luxury for some Premier League managers. We look forward to the […]

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Quality divide or divisive? (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

When it comes to second impressions then the Premier League had a good chance this weekend, with matches of quality both Saturday and Sunday. United got a chance to play at 3pm, rare. Man City were supposed to crown the weekend off with Liverpool. Anfield will be the pods initial […]

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Second Chance Sunday (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

With one half of Manchester disappointed and Chelsea seemingly in rampant “mediocre” looking form it is time to relinquish the first impression of the opening weekend and start a fresh! EPL Talk feels the same… We feature Liverpool v Manchester City and discuss the rest of the weekends action. To […]

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Welcome to Now! (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

So we actually got to see what the first weekend of the new season looks like, because it happened…no, it was not satisfying for all. Yes, there were plenty of goals. No, we didn’t learn everything about every team instantly. We did learn that 5-0 is one way to impress. […]

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Type: podcasts

It’s Here! (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

The season is finally here. And as the weekend approaches the pod take a preliminary look at the games being played on Saturday and Sunday. They also chew the fat on RVP to MUFC whilst AW choses to move on straight away. Jilted lover or clever player? Arsenal have £24m […]

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