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Day 4 – Buck The Trend (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

Here we go. Now Messi has shown his face at the World Cup we can all relax, he scored and then nothing else happened. Or did it? To look at the world outside of Messi at the World Cup the pod sit around the warmth of a riot fire and […]

Ecuador (Brazil 2014 World Cup Preview)

South American previews continue with Juan Arango or ESPN and Ecuador. A mention of Chucho Benitez and lots of a talk about how Ecuador will create chances during this tournament. Outside shout for the groups? They might be too outside for most…Soccer, let’s talk world: World Soccer Talk: @worldsoccertalk Juan […]

Argentina (Brazil 2014 World Cup Preview)

The pod interview Juan Arango and talk Argentina. He’s off to the World Cup with a huge scope for coverage. So where do Argentina sit in his mind? Soccer, let’s talk world: World Soccer Talk: @worldsoccertalk Juan Arango: @JuanG_Arango Kartik: @kkfla737 Kris: @KHeneage Matt J: @MattJFootball Matt L: @MattsMusings1 Morgan: […]

Day 3 – Real Football (Brazil 2014 World Cup Review Show)

It finally feels like it’s underway for real now. ‘Shock’ results. Team goals. South Americans. Red card and injury doubts. Did England turn up? Are they just walking the walk? It’s all going on with day three wowing crowds in Brazil and spreading the fever across the world. Soccer, let’s […]

Day 2 – A & B (Brazil 2014 World Cup Review Show)

Now the tournament is in full swing! Netherlands thrash Spain, but what does that mean? Can Chile make it out of this group and onto an outside chance of glory after that performance? Brazil’s group is hotting up as Mexico warm up with a frustrating 1-0. Soccer, let’s talk world: […]

Day 1 – Brazil v Croatia (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

The day of the tournament is finally here. Kris and Laurence take a look at what the opening ceremony might involve and then hop gracefully on to preview the opening match. Brazil v Croatia. Can the Croatian bulldogs out-move the tournament favourites? Soccer, let’s talk world: World Soccer Talk: @worldsoccertalk […]

Cameroon (Brazil 2014 World Cup Preview)

We hit Cameroon as Cameroon hit Brazil. They almost didn’t make it and the camp looks like a strange mix of ideas from the outside. Can a tournament unite this group and push Cameroon to continue their cult-like status of World Cups gone by? World, let’s Talk Soccer: World Soccer […]

Croatia (Brazil 2014 World Cup Preview)

When it comes to Croatia, we all have a fond memory or two about the adventures of just a few years ago. But things looked as if they were slipping away from Croatia and during a strange qualifying campaign they haven’t done enough to boost hope outside of the camp. […]

Spain (Brazil 2014 World Cup Preview)

So many are predicting the fall of Spain at this tournament because they have so many people heralding the rise of a different style of football and a new era for South American football. But what can they do in Brazil? The pod look at the intangibles and what reality […]

Netherlands (Brazil 2014 World Cup Preview)

No one wants to write the Netherlands off, right? Wrong, the pod looks at what can go right and what won’t go wrong at this World Cup for the Netherlands and LVG, if they can overcome some of their new challenges the side might be in with a run at […]

Ghana (Brazil 2014 World Cup Preview)

World Soccer Talk writer, Dan Adu-Gyamfi joins the podcast to talk about Ghana. The previews continue as the pod hit Africa for the down low on Stephen Appiah and the Black Stars. Check out Dan’s writing here. Let’s Talk World Soccer: World Soccer Talk: @worldsoccertalk Kartik: @kkfla737 Kris: @KHeneage Matt […]

Mexico (Brazil 2014 World Cup Preview)

Concacaf continues with Mexico. What a contrast in feelings Mexico bring with them to Brazil, on all fronts. Inside and out they are a team with a lot of potential to make an impact. Can they do their nation proud or will the same problems which appeared in qualifying hamper […]

United States (Brazil 2014 World Cup Preview)

Whilst it might not be the biggest discussion topic for the rest of the world, the USMNT is cause for a some in depth discussion in the pod. Who is in? Who is out? Does that even matter when they are working in the long term and phasing from one […]

Belgium (Brazil 2014 World Cup Preview)

Oh the excitement surrounding Belgium eh? That unknown of a youthful zest for a mid-European side and their newly found lease of audacity, mystery and fame. How will they do though? The pod look at formations and formulas for winning the World Cup. Let’s Talk World Soccer: World Soccer Talk: […]

Bosnia and Herzegovina (Brazil 2014 World Cup Preview)

Bosnia possess a great attacking panel, but will they be able to hold up against a team with talented forwards and a staunch back-line? The pod look at the roster and how much of the talent will shine in Brazil. Let’s Talk World Soccer: World Soccer Talk: @worldsoccertalk Kartik: @kkfla737 […]

Greece (Brazil 2014 World Cup Preview)

Greece are on of ‘those’ teams aren’t they? Soft spot, solid back line and some stories to pull you in. Ultimately: they are not in the right place to win in Brazil so what can we expect from the tournament for Greece and their transitioning team? Let’s Talk World Soccer: […]

Portugal (Brazil 2014 World Cup Preview)

The pod question if Portugal are the side that they are billed to be as the World Cup begins. Exciting? At times. Frustrating? More often. The huge star is there but with the talent surrounding him can Portugal make a run at the World Cup? A dark horse, front-runner or […]

France (Brazil 2014 World Cup Preview)

After so much turbulence in recent years France are back to…well…this side. Somewhat of a compromise side when you look at what the team could and should have been. Yet, there is almost a belief that this team might have shirked some of the issues that previous generations of the […]

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Tomas Rosicky injury could end Arsenal career

Tomas Rosicky’s latest injury setback, a torn thigh tendon, leaves him in a race against time if he is to play for Arsenal again with his Gunners contract due to expire in June. The 35-year-old missed the first half of the current campaign with a knee injury and coach Arsene […]

Alex Iwobi impressing with the Arsenal first team

Arsenal young guns Jeff Reine-Adelaide, Dan Crowley and Gedion Zelalem receive a lot of attention when people discuss the next big prospect to go through the youth ranks and into the first team of the north London side. However, 19-year-old midfielder Alex Iwobi is beginning to turn heads as well. […]

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Your must-knows about La Liga at the one-third mark

The first third of La Liga’s season has been a topsy-turvy ride, though you wouldn’t necessarily know if by looking at the top of the table. At the summit, Barcelona have continued their excellence despite the absence of Lionel Messi for large portions of the season. Of course, much of […]