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Caramel Falcao (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

Europe is rocked, socked and…mocked? Spain 1 – Germany 8 – get your bets in now for who will be in the final. The great comebacks of all time or the most comprehensive Semis we’ll witness in years? The pod discuss all European competitions in the pod, as Laurence is […]

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bon appétit (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Start in Liverpool and move on from there. That’s where the pod start this week. For many reasons, not least #JFT96. Suarez seemed intent on making this a headline match with Chelsea, even if the headlines might have been elsewhere – Luis will be given them again. But that might […]

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Get Lucky (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

On the pod this week, review mixed with preview. Taking a look at the midweek games and the weekend of action still to come. The pod ranges across topics in the EPL, starting with Cardiff and their promotion: rebranding good or bad – not one or the other? Who will […]

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Blue! With White Bits! (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

So this cup competition brings things into focus doesn’t it? Violence, goals and a predictable final? Does this serve the Premier League well? Roman might think now. Robertos might think so. Elsewhere in the EPL, Manchester United pull further ahead and LFC fall behind in the race for Europe. Worrying? […]

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search the gif (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

The FA Cup comes at an interesting time in the league. Split the teams up and some may take their opportunity to pull ahead. How much of a psychological shift will that cause as points become the focus? On the flip side: Wigan and Millwall have a chance to make […]

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Warp Wrap (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

What a weekend of quality in the Premier League. The pod had to wait for the United – City game though: normal scheduling will return this week. United looked confident whilst City looked defiant. Who wins overall in Manchester? The pod take a look. Two students, of different kinds faced […]

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Di Canio Believe It? (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

We open tonight’s pod with our usual dissection of the Champions League. Did Thiago Silva prove why Joey Barton will never be a credible pundit? Did Zlatan Ibrahimovic struggle mentally? Have Juventus got a chance against Bayern Munich? All will attempt to be revealed. On tonight’s pod we also become […]

ID: 52254
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Beautiful Simplicity (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

There was a lovely clarity to the football this weekend. Things, made sense as teams looked to balance themselves out or clear up issues that they’d been having. That played out between United and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge as they both danced around an issue before realising what needed to […]

ID: 52071
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The Last Run (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

As the Premier League enters the final stretch of the season the podcast are feeling the burn too. Are you? International football only continued the intensity of the campaign, but heightened our taste for the final goal. So who rose to the occasion? In section one of the podcast there […]

ID: 51951
Type: podcasts

Come Fly With Us (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

International football means new things. Brazil is not far away now with just over 440 days to go. That means that the pod feel the urge to get excited about international football and look beyond their own borders. Where to start? Austria of course. The pod also talk about the […]

ID: 51863
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Qatar Kings (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

This international break is of decent length. It gives the pod some time to look around the world and see what’s going on. As it happens, lies, sackings and misery – for some! For others there is nothing but opportunity. This gave the pod an opportunity it get all existential […]

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Inertia Ultra (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Think of it this way: If they hadn’t turned up then you wouldn’t know that they could do so little and yet not achieve so much. Man City have truly handed the title to United this season. And whilst they are not the only team to do so in the […]

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In oder aus? (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

Out! Out! Out! Of the Champions League. Tragedy as Wenger claims that this is a wake-up call for English sides. In a podcast recorded before these comments were available the pod stab at the idea that going out of Europe is not a good thing for Arsenal or anyone in […]

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Bale-Out (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Chelsea visited Manchester United and politics followed. Rafa didn’t get a handshake from Sir Alex as the manager tried to hide his frustration at another collapse in Manchester. Frustration on Fergie’s part is understandable. Rafa coming away as the more reasonable and interesting looking party. The pod break down that […]

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Real-ly (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

Multiple competitions can be cruel at any one time, oh how a season can change. Yet, United fans still have two competitions to look on favourably as they saw their team crash out of the Champions League unceremoniously, through a series of uncomfortable and jarring moments. First a collision, then […]

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London Is Good? (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

The league is not decided: on whether to let QPR stay or go. Whilst they might be halfway out the door anyway, it was a good weekend for London as they sat in the spotlight. Wenger might not have enjoyed the spotlight as much as the rest but it made […]

ID: 51059
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London Is Bad (EPL Talk Preview Podcast)

It’s not a good time to live in London if you care about football. You barely have a chance of seeing a beloved English team at Wembley for a European final; Wenger is (but isn’t) crying; Rafa doesn’t want to be there; and to top all that off the title […]

ID: 50955
Type: podcasts

Little Britton (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

The first cup final of the weekend and the Premier League triumphs, in the most romantic of situations for Swansea and Laudrup. Wembley was a wonderful setting for both winners and losers who seemed to appreciate the situation that the Capital One Cup has put them in this season. Capital […]

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