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Combinations (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

When it comes to combinations the pod look at the best and worst of the last week: Moyes- United. USA-Germany-Ghana-Portugal. Does it get much better for football? Whatever your opinion on the draw and the weekend of football which followed it, there is something for you. Including: mules. Kris went […]

The Management (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

A smaller pod this week but even more Premier League to cram in there. Mid-week games mean that things pile up for teams and from now on games come thick and fast for these sides. Christmas isn’t a let-up either. Andre goes toe to toe with the board and Jose […]

Press ‘A’ To Shoot: Ep.5 – Football Manager

The Boys are back in town with special guest Kris Heneage in tow. This weeks episode takes a look at the ongoing Football Manager careers that everyone is playing. Kris is just starting his Russian adventure, while Morgan is pulling double duty managing both Senior and Junior Chelsea teams. Also, […]

A few feet (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

How much difference can a few feet really make to a performance? Apparently, about 6 difference…so let’s talk about City and their great run of home games where things have gone very well. Tactical or a size issue? AVB was shamed either way: Manager Simpson? http://duffmanohno.ytmnd.com/ YNWA: The pod also […]

Break This (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

International break has served us so well, as we finally have the World Cup roster decided! What a time for football and Brazil. To celebrate, the pod get together and chat about World football, EPL and Europe. What did you like most about the internationals? Let’s Talk Soccer, World: EPL […]

Krul and the Gang (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

A Sunday packed full of football left City in crisis, Tottenham ill-tempered, and Arsene annoyed. In section 1 we talk about the crescendo of the day’s football as Arsenal took on Manchester United at Old Trafford. Has Moyes proved a point with his recent form, or are sterner tests lurking […]

Racism In Soccer (This Week In Soccer)

In the twelfth episode of This Week In Soccer, we welcome special guest Mark Doidge to discuss a hot topic in world soccer — racism. It’s a topic that has raised its ugly head again. Doidge will be joined by Laurence McKenna and Kartik Krishnaiyer to discuss what the situation is regarding […]

Press ‘A’ To Shoot – Football Manager Review

Football Manager 2014 is here. Join Matt and Morgan as they host a love in for the greatest sports simulation known to man! This week’s episode looks at the new features for this years iteration, how the new look affects the way the game plays and also at the development […]

Back To Normal? (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

You remember, just a few seasons (more) ago: Arsenal dominated the league with their own brand of football and swagger. What’s new then? Well…this time they do it with a team that wasn’t even supposed to finish the top 4 according to some pundits. What’s changed? To discuss that, the […]

Jose Mourinho, Luis Suarez and Michel Platini (This Week In Soccer)

In the eleventh episode of This Week In Soccer, the topics discussed are (1) Jose Mourinho’s antics (2) The value of Luis Suárez, and (3) Michel Platini: The man and politician. The guests on this week’s episode are: Laurence McKenna (EPL Talk Podcast host) Richard Farley (NBCSports.com), and Kartik Krishnaiyer (Senior Writer, World Soccer Talk). Subscribe […]

What Storm? (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

If the weather is anything to go by then it is simple: predict storm – weather it. Feel good about it not being so bad. Plenty of managers might agree with that this weekend as they feel that things could be much worse for their side. At this point in […]

Former Referee Mark Halsey Exposes Inefficiencies in Premier League Where Refs Work Under the Fear Factor: Exclusive Interview

This week’s guest on our weekly Voices Of Soccer interview show is former Premier League referee Mark Halsey who has published a book authored by writer and journalist Ian Ridley entitled Added Time: Surviving Cancer, Death Threats and the Premier League. Former Premier League referee Mark Halsey was the longest-serving full-time […]

Press ‘A’ To Shoot: Episode 3

Press A To Shoot is back! Albeit down a man but that’s why we have an academy. Kris Heneage joins Morgan Green this week and shares his views on the history of FIFA vs. PES. We discuss FIFA Ultimate Team and the pros and cons of the popular gaming feature. […]

Like a Zoo! (EPL Talk Review Podcast)

Some strange actions in the Premier League this weekend, made even more bizarre by the reactions to them. To discuss this, the panel take a look at the best and worst of the action. Credit to Wenger? Credit to his team? Credit to creativity? Plenty of chatter about race, in […]

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Ed Woodward flies to Barcelona to seal £22 million Pedro transfer to Manchester United

Manchester United chief executive Ed Woodward has flown to Catalonia to secure the £22 million transfer of Barcelona forward Pedro. It has been widely reported that the much-anticipate move will be finalized this week, with the expectation being that the Spain international will be unveiled as a United player on […]

Will the real Everton please stand up

Any good film trying to portray authentic teenage angst has it — the scene where the main character locks itself in a bathroom, flings itself into the driver’s seat of a car, or perhaps collapses against a hallway locker and screams. Screams violently and inexplicably, because there is no outlet. […]