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Day 21 – Preview (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

The pod take you through the headlines of the day and preview the huge game between Brazil and Germany. Semi-final on! World, let’s talk soccer: World Soccer Talk: @worldsoccertalk Kartik: @kkfla737 Nipun: @NipunChopra7 Richard: @richardfarley Kris: @KHeneage Matt J: @MattJFootball Matt L: @MattsMusings1 Morgan: @morgangreen Laurence: @lozcast Here are the […]

Day 20 – Semi-done (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

So the four favourites shape up and posture in the penultimate stage of the competition. To get there they had to labour over a tough quarter final in a tournament where 0-0 isn’t such a bad scoreline. World, let’s talk soccer: World Soccer Talk: @worldsoccertalk Kartik: @kkfla737 Nipun: @NipunChopra7 Richard: […]

Day 19 – Fav Team (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

Brazil rush through as Columbia put up a sound opposition, but with Germany also gong through with a solid performance how will the Brazilians do against a tournament side who are believed to be peaking?   The pod also take a look ahead to today’s games. World, let’s talk soccer: […]

Day 18 – Honor (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

Is there a better way to go out of any cup than to crash out valiantly? No? Then you’re in for a great podcast…as the sun sets on the USMNT’s World Cup we look at what everyone will take away and what the other teams take forward…World, let’s talk soccer: […]

Day 17 – EU v AF (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

Clash of the titanic continents, maybe not so much for the teams…as France took on Nigeria and Germany played Algeria the World went back to hysteria as some grew wearier of the lucky criteria which see teams progress to the next round. Make sense? No, of course it doesn’t: especially […]

Day 16 – Nether Rica (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

The round of 16 continues and the pod look into where Netherlands go from here along with if a good tournament performance is actually worth millions of Goal-keeping pounds. World, let’s talk soccer: World Soccer Talk: @worldsoccertalk Kartik: @kkfla737 Richard: @richardfarley Kris: @KHeneage Matt J: @MattJFootball Matt L: @MattsMusings1 Morgan: […]

Skype Life Football (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

Laurence McKenna sits down with Richard Farley for a chat about the World Cup and some of the finer points so far. World, let’s talk soccer: World Soccer Talk: @worldsoccertalk Kartik: @kkfla737 Richard: @richardfarley Kris: @KHeneage Matt J: @MattJFootball Matt L: @MattsMusings1 Morgan: @morgangreen Laurence: @lozcast Here are the different […]

Day 15 – Match-Missed (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

The knockout rounds are so exciting during the World Cup, the football almost changes completely during that rest day. Tempo, shift, all sorts of new ideas and tactics come into play. So what has changed for Brazil? Can Columbia continue to dominate this tournament? Soccer, let’s talk world: World Soccer […]

Day 14 – Coulter-Attack (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

USA go through as the pod take a look at all of the action on the final group day. Best of all, no ‘soccer’ hating americans. Just good old, pod-based goodness. Soccer, let’s talk world: World Soccer Talk: @worldsoccertalk Kartik: @kkfla737 Richard: @richardfarley Kris: @KHeneage Matt J: @MattJFootball Matt L: […]

Day 13 – FRAARG (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

Two of the tournament favourites, so far, go through to the next round to face opposition who possess more in morale than talent, but the World Cup throws up some funny ties and both Argentina and France will have to avoid an upset in the next round. Elsewhere, football has […]

Day 12 – Out You Go (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

As the pod sit down to look at the games that mattered in this World Cup the next round begins to shape itself up…who will go through? Matt and Kris take you through the ties. The end of the podcast got mashed up. So we finish on a tense fade. […]

Day 11 – You Ess Ay (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

A Desmond for the USA and we’re away! All of the possibilities flowing around in one conscious US mind which says: “I believe!” Kris watched the game with the international wing of American supporters whilst Matt and Morgan mused over where Bradley is best used. Oh and the pod look […]

Day 9 – Tiko-Taka (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

To top the group when you were given no chance in England isn’t actually that much of an achievement. But to top a group that you were against two former World Champions in? That’s real! Costa Rica proving the force in a tournament all about the letter ‘C’. The bigger […]

Day 8 – Promises, Promises (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

What else would the pod talk about about but…that game…well, there is plenty to muse on. Thankfully, Laurence isn’t here today so Kris drives the pod into a lovely new direction and reviews all of the days action. Where to start? Columbia? Greece? Soccer, let’s talk world: World Soccer Talk: […]

Park Life Football (Brazil 2014 World Cup Review Show)

Two men sit in a park and talk about football. Today the subject is England. Around that they brush upon Italy, Uruguay and a few other World Cup subjects. Come on into the park! If you can fit this in before the Uruguay v England game then give it a […]

Day 7 – Out (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

After Spain exit the tournament the podcast take a good look at what made Spain so disparate at this tournament, whilst Morgan looks into the stats history and realises that time and history may not have been on their side. Australia still impressing whilst Croatia might get a lil deeper […]

Day 5 – Incredible Ends (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

Need we say much more than: Reaction to the USA result. More on Portugal – Germany and Iran v Nigeria. Come on in! Soccer, let’s talk world: World Soccer Talk: @worldsoccertalk Kartik: @kkfla737 Kris: @KHeneage Matt J: @MattJFootball Matt L: @MattsMusings1 Morgan: @morgangreen Laurence: @lozcast Here are the different ways […]

Day 4 – Buck The Trend (Brazil 2014 World Cup Show)

Here we go. Now Messi has shown his face at the World Cup we can all relax, he scored and then nothing else happened. Or did it? To look at the world outside of Messi at the World Cup the pod sit around the warmth of a riot fire and […]

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Barcelona’s best starting XI of all-time

FC Barcelona have been truly blessed with some quality, quality players in their history. Rivaldo, Romario, Ronaldinho, Michael Laudrup, Hristo Stoichkov, Miguel Nadal, Sergio Busquets, Andoni Zubizarreta … and these are just some of the names who DID NOT make XI! This side has players from different eras of Barcelona’s illustrious […]

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Virgil van Dijk has given Southampton one of the best center back pairings in England

For all his Liverpool deficiencies, Dejan Lovren is actually remembered fondly by Southampton fans as a pacy, reliable, ball-playing defender who surprisingly did very little wrong. Brought to St. Mary’s from French club Lyon for £8.5 million, Lovren’s performances were enough to convince Liverpool to part with £20 million for […]