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  1. US Lineup for Trinidad and Tobago Qualifier

    US Lineup: Hejduk , Onyewu, Bocanegra, Beasley, Dempsey, Mastroeni, Bradley, Donovan; Altidore, Ching. Beasley plays left back replacing Heath Pearce,  Beasley is replaced in left midfield by Clint Dempsey who is replaced on the right side by Landon Donovan. Jozy … Continue reading

  2. If I Was Richard Scudamore

    While many know Richard Scudamore as the Chief Executive of the Premier League, many more would probably know him as “That guy who keeps talking about a 39th game.” After a good long run in the papers last year, the … Continue reading

  3. Matchday: US vs Trinidad & Tobago

    Nashville is the venue for the today’s World Cup Qualifier between the United States, high flying side at home and Francisco Maturana’s Soca Warriors. The last time these two teams met on US soil, last September in Chicago, Maturana got … Continue reading

  4. Bundesliga Style April Fools

    If you thought that Pranks, Jokes and Shenanigans on April Fools Day are to be expected you are correct. Even the sometimes more reserved Germans participate in this day with fervor and the German Soccer press is no exception. Here … Continue reading

  5. ESPN’s Premier League Dilemma

    What a difference a year makes. Last summer ESPN was raving about its better than expected TV ratings for Euro 2008, which was one of the best produced tournaments soccer fans in the United States had ever seen (helped by … Continue reading

  6. Shearer Takes Newcastle Job

    Well!  It’s finally happened. The breaking news in the last 15 minutes is that Alan Shearer will take  charge of Newcastle United until the end of the current season. Joe Kinnear’s medical condition leaves him unfit to return to work … Continue reading

  7. CONCACAF Hexaganol Matchday Three

    The empire strikes back could have been the headline for Saturday as Mexico beat nemesis Costa Rica to reclaim a little bit of lost mojo. But now Mexico must go to Honduras and slay another dragon, in the form of … Continue reading