1. Rough Times For Soccer in the US?

    Marco Etcheverry’s DC United teams gave MLS international respect /photo from MLSNET Thirteen years into the life of Major League Soccer and for all the signs of progress on the field, the league continues to operate more or less in … Continue reading

  2. Programming Update

    A show featuring Luis Bueno of SI.com is ready to be released. We’re having some server issues but when resolved look for an interesting episode of the show featuring a look back at the Superclassico, the current situation in Mexican … Continue reading

  3. Inside the Promotion machine

    Several articles back I covered relegation targets so perhaps it’s time to talk on promotion, how it works in Italy and who in Serie B is positioned to make it happen. Basically this is how it will play out, the … Continue reading

  4. Poll: Who's Going Down in the Premier League Besides Derby?

    <a href=”http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/579584/” >Who will be the final two teams relegated from the Premier League?</a> <br /> <span style=”font-size:9px;”> (<a href=”http://www.polldaddy.com”> polls</a>)</span>

  5. Bloggers Wanted

    If you’re a fan of soccer/football, love to write and want to share your thoughts and analysis with other readers around the world, we want you! I’m currently looking for bloggers who are interested in writing for any of the … Continue reading

  6. The Dream Lives On!

    Fulham is a victory at Fratton Park next weekend away from completing a great escape after their 2-0 win today over Birmingham. A trademark Brian McBride diving header to finish off a fabulous in-swinging free kick from Jimmy Bullard opened … Continue reading

  7. Liverpool Wants Gareth Barry. Why?


    Numerous reports today have confirmed what has basically been common knowledge over the past couple of weeks: Liverpool is interested in signing Aston Villa’s captain, Gareth Barry. Villa manager Martin O’Neill came out today criticizing Liverpool for publicizing this interest; … Continue reading

  8. Breaking News: Olsen’s Career Could be Done

    Olsen w/ the US Team in a 2006 World Cup tuneup/US Soccer Federatrion Steve Goff of the Washington Post is reporting that Ben Olsen’s distinguished career in Major League Soccer could be over.

  9. Gattuso Coming to England?

    AC Milan midfielder Gennaro “the snarling dog” Gattuso has admitted his desire to play in the English Premier League, potentially next season. Gattuso, 30, previously played in Britain for Scottish side Rangers and has an English speaking wife. He has … Continue reading

  10. UEFA Cup: Bayern bombed out

    Let me start this by saying that I expected Bayern to progress but not without a fight. My reasoning was that Zenit St Petersburg would be missing a number of key personnel including the suspended Andrei Arshavin, Radek Šírl and … Continue reading