1. Gattuso Coming to England?

    AC Milan midfielder Gennaro “the snarling dog” Gattuso has admitted his desire to play in the English Premier League, potentially next season. Gattuso, 30, previously played in Britain for Scottish side Rangers and has an English speaking wife. He has … Continue reading

  2. UEFA Cup: Bayern bombed out

    Let me start this by saying that I expected Bayern to progress but not without a fight. My reasoning was that Zenit St Petersburg would be missing a number of key personnel including the suspended Andrei Arshavin, Radek Šírl and … Continue reading

  3. New 08/09 Spurs Home Shirt: Leaked Photo

    Tottenham Hotspur will be officially unveiling its new 2008/2009 kit on Tuesday, May 6, but you can see a sneak preview of the shirt now which was released via Facebook (thanks to the excellent Football Shirts website for uncovering it).

  4. MLS Internationals

    For years Major League Soccer didn’t attract internationals who had been part of their national team set up at any point. In the early days of MLS, not only did the league attract many active national team players, but the … Continue reading

  5. Chelsea v Liverpool: That’s More Like It!

    Now that’s what a semi-final should be! Chelsea finally achieved their dream of a place in the UEFA Champions League final by holding off Liverpool FC by an aggregate of 4-3, 3-2 in yesterday’s match.

  6. Gordon Bradley: Legend, Pioneer, Titan

    Yesterday’s passing of Gordon Bradley I must admit left me totally numb. I read about his passing on Steve Goff’s blog at the Washington Post.com and couldn’t believe it had come so quickly after John Feinstein’s article of last week … Continue reading