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  1. Questions for Steven Cohen

    As part of our continuing commitment to bring you the best interviews on the internet related to American footy, MLS Talk will be interviewing Steven Cohen of World Soccer Daily and Fox Football Fone In next week for release the … Continue reading

  2. Clubs Gear Up for FA Cup Semifinals

    It’s a busy part of the calendar for some squads, but the chance for FA Cup glory presents itself this weekend at Wembley in a pair of semifinal games. Arsenal and Chelsea won’t have much time to celebrate mid-week successes … Continue reading

  3. Rebuilding AC Milan

    As the season comes to a close the top of the Serie A table makes for sobering reading for those behind Inter Milan. The Nerazzurri have won the league at a canter this season and in truth it never looked … Continue reading

  4. Friday Morning Football News

    We comb the Internet for the soccer news so you don’t have to. Here are several intriguing stories that caught our eye that we believe you’ll be interested in reading: BBC News Presenter Revisits Hillsborough (BBC News). Mark Edwardson hadn’t … Continue reading

  5. Football’s Kitwalk

    It is around 3.45pm on April 13th 1996 on the South Coast at the Dell. Southampton are hosting Manchester United, the hosts are 3-0 up. The Man Utd squad clad in grey enter the changing room to an apparent furious … Continue reading

  6. Podcast #72: USL-1 Preview

    The United Soccer Leagues First Division made quite splash this past year sending two teams into the knock out stages of the CONCACAF Champions League. In this episode of the podcast Host Kartik Krishnaiyer is joined by Brian Quarstad of … Continue reading

  7. Where Were You On April 15, 1989?

    On today, the 20th anniversary of the most tragic day in English football history, I want to ask you — the readers — where you were on April 15, 1989 and what your memories were from that day. With an … Continue reading

  8. Hillsborough: A US Perspective

    Reuters Photo The date was August 6th, 1989. The ticket read, Zenith Data Systems Cup, Independiente vs. Arsenal, Joe Robbie Stadium. My 15th birthday present from my parents was a ticket to this match, a ticket stub I have kept … Continue reading