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Promotion & Relegation: Good Business For MLS, Terrible Business For EPL

The much beloved promotion/relegation system is apparently being threatened in England.  Recent news reports suggest that foreign Premiership owners (several Americans in the list) have asked for the elimination of the promotion/relegation system and an adoption of a franchise system more reminiscent of American sports leagues.  The decided reason behind […]

Premier League Gameweek 9: Cheers and Jeers

Here’s a look back at the good, the bad, and the ugly from week nine of the Premier League. Cheers David Silva: The Manchester City midfielder has been one of the best players in the league so for this season. Queens Park Rangers:  They did enough to hang on against Chelsea […]

Premier League Weekend Review: Local Rivals Embarrass United & Chelsea

The headline from this past weekend’s Premier League action will rightfully be dominated by what transpired in the Manchester derby, but City’s destruction of 10-man United wasn’t the only notable result of another exciting weekend in the English top flight. City consolidated their place atop the table with their win […]

Get Stuck In: Four Things We Learned From Premier League Week Nine

Editor’s Note: “Get Stuck In” is EPL Talk’s weekly column featuring review, analysis and opinion on all the happenings in the Premier League each week from different EPL Talk bloggers and podcasters. If you currently write for EPL Talk and would like to contribute to “Get Stuck In”, contact Jesse Chula […]

Arsenal, Making of a Modern Superclub: Book Review

  With a team that has as lush of a history as Arsenal, the idea of a lengthy tome about the club is near picture perfect. In Arsenal: The Making of a Modern Superclub, authors Kevin Whitcher and Alex Fynn have created an extremely detailed, heavily dramatic and well researched […]

Why Always Me? (EPL Talk Podcast Weekend Review Show)

In one of the most entertaining weekends in the Premier League this season, there were plenty of talking points for Kartik Krishnaiyer, Jesse Chula and The Gaffer to discuss including Manchester City’s thrashing of United, Liverpool’s draw against Norwich, the “rugby match” between QPR and Chelsea and much more. A […]

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