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Sepp Blatter Is Out Of Touch With Reality (Again)

The FA this week charged Luis Suarez with making alleged racist comments against Patrice Evra during the Manchester United v Liverpool match earlier this season. On the heels of that, as reported by many news outlets including the Daily Mail, FIFA President Sepp Blatter believes that racial incidents on the […]

Adizero F50 miCoach, Product Manager Q & A

The Adizero F50 miCoach launched in London, on Monday this week. To give you a little more insight on the latest product that Messi, Robben and now you can road-test, EPL Talk has an interview with Andreas Konrads, the Senior Product Manager for adidas Football.

Racism and Racing to Conclusions (EPL Talk Weekend Preview)

This week saw Luis Suarez charged by the FA, but what does this mean for his career and how we deal with abuse in the game? Suarez maintains his innocence whilst his manager and club stand by him. The task for the FA: working out his intention. It is not […]

Arsene Wenger Has Finally Learned His Lesson

It seemed for so long that Arsene Wenger just didn’t seem to know what was wrong with his Arsenal team. For the past six seasons, it was clearly obvious to fans and viewers that Arsenal had no Plan B to their attacking game; They lacked experience, bite in midfield, a defensive rock at […]

Champions League Heading Towards the Knock-Outs

Only two more rounds of the group stage of the Champions League remain, and for quite a few teams, that means the margin for error is slim to none. Over the final two match days, there are a number of important games that will determine how things shake out. Several […]

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