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  1. Fan Diary #17 – Skrtel

    Oh, Martin Skrtel. Since Sami Hyypia left, I’ve been cheering for Srktel to score from a corner or free kick. I’ve seen some sweet goals from Agger. I’ve even seen Carragher score (and he’s only scored 5 in 594 matches). … Continue reading

  2. Lessons Learned from Giornata 13

    Totti was a star in the 3-1 win over Bari For Italian soccer fans, the international break was excruciating.  The national team had two friendlies (which Arsenal fans would not consider too friendly) and watched to see who else would … Continue reading

  3. MLS’ Players Deserve Better

    For the last week we heard about the great 2009 for Major League Soccer. Please pardon me, while I take a step back from Don Garber’s rhetoric and raise the ugly side of 2009 in American soccer. I will not … Continue reading

  4. Poll: What Should FIFA Do To Help Referees?

    Ireland’s loss may be football’s gain. Fifa may fast-track the approval of an additional assistant referee on each goal line in time for next summer’s World Cup in South Africa. This system is currently being tested in the Europa League. As … Continue reading

  5. EPL Talk Podcast: Chris Oakley

    Frequent guest Chris Oakley of Some People on the Pitch, the Sound of Football and the Onion Bag joins us to discuss International Football, West Ham United, and the World Cup Draw. Be sure not to miss a single episode … Continue reading