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Fantasy Premier League Tips Learned From Gameweeks 19 and 20

1. Wingers in Wales- As Wayne Routledge wheeled away in celebration after scoring Swansea’s second goal, Brendan Rodgers probably popped an Aspirin. For newly promoted sides selection dilemmas are few and far between, making each individual one all the more dangerous. Sinclair, Dyer, Routledge. Routledge, Sinclair, Dyer. Because I was just working […]

Why It’s Time to Blame Liverpool Manager Kenny Dalglish

While so much controversy has been swirling around Liverpool off the pitch, very few in the British media have directed criticism at Kenny Dalglish for the events on the pitch. He has signed two extremely disappointing, not to mention expensive, players. Instead of taking advantage of the struggles of Chelsea […]

The Amazing Tim Howard Goal

Who says the U.S. national team is weak at forward? During yesterday’s Everton v. Bolton match, keeper Tim Howard broke the scoreless tie with a 100 yard strike that was aided by the wind.  I am not sure which is more impressive, the goal itself or how cool Howard was […]

Everton’s Scoring Problem

I spent the last week watching Everton try to squeak out matches by the thinnest of margins. Everton’s brand of football has nearly become dire to watch, and the situation brought itself to a head in today’s 1-2 home loss against bottom Bolton. These problems have been brewing for the […]

Soccer Men by Simon Kuper: Book Review

Simon Kuper is the preeminent intellectual football author of our time. His works such as Football Against the Enemy, and Soccernomics (aka Why England Lose) need no introduction to many fans of the beautiful game. His columns in publications such as The Financial Times are indispensable reading for those who […]

Can Landon Donovan Do It Again For Everton?

Landon Donovan is eligible to play on Wednesday for the encounter between Everton and Bolton at Goodison Park. Whether he’ll have a large part to play in that match will be up to David Moyes (and also depending on Donovan’s fitness levels). But I would be very surprised if he […]

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