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  1. New Era At “Waite Jart Lein”

    Is he a savior? Who knows. Is he the answer? Other than José Mourinho being sacked well over a month ago, Spurs hiring of Juande Ramos from Sevilla is the number two story on the coaching end this season. When … Continue reading

  2. Podcast Release Delayed

    I apologize but because I am away at a convention this weekend, Episode 30 of the Major League Soccer Talk podcast will not be released until early next week.

  3. Liverpool v Arsenal: Live and Online

    Liverpool v Arsenal (9am PT/ 12 pm ET/ 5pm UK time, Fox Soccer Channel. Replay 11 pm). Sunday, October 27. Well after the performance Liverpool put up in Turkey midweek and Arsenal gave in putting yet another Prague side to … Continue reading

  4. Spurs v Blackburn: Live and Online

    Tottenham v Blackburn (8am PT/ 11 am ET/ 4pm UK time, Setanta Xtra. On Setanta 6 pm ET). Sunday, October 27. Sacking Martin Jol does not solve Spurs biggest problem, the fact their back five is absolutely shocking. Blackburn have … Continue reading

  5. Bolton v Aston Villa: Live and Online

    Bolton v Aston Villa (6:30am PT/9:30 am ET/2:30pm UK time, Setanta. Replay Monday 2:45 pm ET). Sunday, October 27. So Bolton now have a permanent manager. It maybe the right move in the end but it doesn’t mean I can’t … Continue reading

  6. Upcoming Show Schedule

    “Championship Talk” will be back on Monday, 29 October, featuring Alex Rice of “The Beautiful Game” fame, Brian Koski, and more Crystal Palace interviews. Georgie is sadly on holiday in Asia, but will return for the Monday, 5 November episode. … Continue reading

  7. UEFA Cup Map

    Bill Turianski of has created a map for all of the clubs involved in the UEFA Cup group stage. With that competition starting up today, I thought it was a good time to post this resource. Click the thumbnail … Continue reading

  8. The noose tightens for Benitez

    Benitez’adamance to use his players through a rotation policy is becoming the annoyance of the football pundits, and the Liverpool fans. Should he swallow his ego and abandon his recurring underachieving lineups? Is he really that ego centric? It almost … Continue reading

  9. D’Alessandro Back With Maños

    When a team wins love is in the air and things are great. When that situation changes, the same group of individuals do not seem to have that “love” as much any more. Fiery Argentine midfielder Andrés D’Alessandro returned to … Continue reading

  10. EPL Talk Show: Forza Futbol

    Episode 6 of the EPL Talk Show features an interview with Mando, Hannah and Elisa from La Liga Talk and Serie A Talk brought to you by Forza Futbol. We discuss the Champions League matches from this week as well … Continue reading