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  1. DC United: The Pride of MLS

    Marco Etcheverry was the symbol of United’s early dominance of MLS No offense to our readers who support MLS’ other thirteen and soon to be fifteen teams. These franchises are developing the persona to be considered a “club” by international … Continue reading

  2. I'm On Setanta Sports

    I’m On Setanta Sports has returned with a new episode featuring the trio of The Special One, Sven and Rooney. The new episode is another great one and features a smart way of showing off Rooney’s talents. The question is … Continue reading

  3. No Shame Whatsoever in DC Defeat

    I have probably among the supporters of American soccer been most critical in the last week of MLS’ recent failures in international competitions. But tonight, despite the final scoreline DC United did MLS proud and fought valiantly until the final … Continue reading

  4. Manager of the Year–Semifinalists

    First off, I want to let everyone know that I’m going to make a bit of a change in this Premiership “Manager of the Year” award procedure. Instead of naming my personal winner on Friday as previously planned, I’m going … Continue reading

  5. Big Win for Portsmouth

    Amidst all the Champions League hype yesterday, Portsmouth’s 1-0 away victory at West Ham, keeping their hopes of finishing in 5th place alive, more than sailed under the radar and I would be remiss to not talk about it and … Continue reading

  6. What Fabio Capello Really Thinks of the England Team

    Take a break for two minutes and watch this hilarious video featuring Fabio Capello in “The Italian Job” from a new British show called “Headcases.” Thanks to TT for leading me down this path. [display_podcast]

  7. When Does Arsene Become Accountable?

    The Kids, they’re alright. But alright does not win you a title. Yes, Arsenal got hosed. Theo Walcott’s coming out party was spoiled by a pathetic penalty decision, a putrid product of the Kop End. Stevie G got to grin … Continue reading

  8. Liverpool Magic Destroys Arsenal's Trophy Dreams

    The sensational match between Liverpool and Arsenal was a wonderful advertisement for English football. The Gunners absolutely dominated Liverpool for the first 30 minutes, running circles around the Reds with their one-touch passing movements which were mesmerizing to watch. After … Continue reading