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  1. Odds & Ends From The World Of Football

    The next leader of the Labour party in Britain, and therefore the next Prime Minister, is a huge football fan. That’s right, Scottish politician Gordon Brown is a Raith Rovers supporter who sold matchday programmes at the ground when he … Continue reading

  2. EPL Talk Is Seeking a Roving Reporter

    If you live near the Indianapolis area and you’re interested in being an EPL Talk Correspondent for the day, hobnobbing with the celebrities and attending the biggest annual soccer event in the U.S. with a press pass strapped around your … Continue reading

  3. Commercial Break for Sponsor

    EPL Talk would like to welcome its newest sponsor, out the advertiser’s banner ad on the homepage of Be a part of the online gambling community with, the Internet’s leading gambling guide.

  4. An Interview with Commentator Steve Banyard

    The latest episode of the EPL Talk Podcast has been published, which features an exclusive interview with one of the top Premiership football commentators, Steve Banyard.Among other things, Banyard discusses his most memorable match he’s ever commentated, what a week … Continue reading

  5. The Romance of the F.A. Cup

    By John NicholsonThe romance of the cup is an old cliche, but the FA Cup is very important in English football. It connects all levels of the league structure together for one big competition. The clubs with all the money … Continue reading

  6. EPL Talk: Steve Banyard

    Episode 47 of the EPL Talk Podcast features an interview with Steve Banyard, one of the top football commentators in the Premiership. Banyard discusses his most memorable match he’s ever commentated, what a week is like preparing for an EPL … Continue reading

  7. Latest News From EPL Talk

    If you’re looking for live commentary of Manchester United v Aston Villa on the internet, go here. The third-round FA Cup match kicks off at 9am ET. The audio is courtesy of Eat Sleep Sport (thanks for the tip BCjohn).EPL … Continue reading

  8. What Moves Will MLS Make?

    Two months after MLS passed the so-called “Beckham rule” to allow each club to buy one high priced international star, the league has yet to make a single big acquisition. With the transfer window now wide open, one would have … Continue reading

  9. Liverpool Fans Protest During FA Cup Match

    Liverpool fans marked today’s FA Cup third round match against Arsenal by protesting against Kelvin MacKenzie, former editor of The Sun newspaper, who blamed Liverpool fans for the Hillsborough Disaster in a cover story entitled ‘The Truth’ that was published … Continue reading

  10. An Interview with The Telegraph's Patrick Barclay

    Earlier this morning, EPL Talk released its first podcast episode of 2007 featuring an interview with The Sunday Telegraph’s Patrick Barclay.The experienced football correspondent is often a guest on the BBC Sportsweek radio show with Garry Richardson. Plus Barclay is … Continue reading

  11. EPL Talk: Patrick Barclay

    Episode 46 features an interview with Patrick Barclay, one of the top football journalists in England and the football correspondent for The Sunday Telegraph newspaper. Barclay discusses many topics including what improvements can be made in the game, what he … Continue reading

  12. Why Brits Don't Like Winners in Football

    By John NicholsonThere’s a strange cultural phenomenon in Britain. No not the wonky yellow teeth and the fondness for warm beer and homosexuality, I’m talking about our attitude to winners.To put it simply, we don’t really like them. I exclude … Continue reading