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  1. Premiership Football Fever Spreading Through U.S.

    Scott Coonfare owns a sports restaurant in downtown Tampa, not far from the Buccaneers stadium (Tampa Buccaneers that is, not Manchester). The appropriately named “Coonfare’s Sports Cafe” has jerseys from Premiership clubs framed on the wall, features a Union Jack … Continue reading

  2. Football News & Viewpoints From America

    Here are a few random thoughts and pieces of news for fans of Premiership clubs. First, I’m concerned by Bolton manager Sam Allardyce’s body language after his press conference on Friday. He looks visibly shaken and you can easily see … Continue reading

  3. Transcript of Panorama Episode Available Here

    A transcript of the BBC Panorama episode, “Football’s Dirty Little Secrets,” is now available here. It makes for interesting reading especially about Liverpool tapping up which has gone mostly unnoticed (or is that ‘ignored’) by the British press.

  4. ESPN Soccernet story: Life’s a Beach for Donovan

    For those who believed the failure of the World Cup would provoke an attitude adjustment from Landon Donovan, once the great American hope, but now our greatest frustration, you were wrong. Check out this maddening story from ESPN Soccernet.

  5. Latest EPL TV Schedule for North America

    For Premiership fans in America, EPL Talk has the most comprehensive listing of Prem matches being shown on Fox Soccer Channel and Setanta. Here’s the most updated schedule (including many updated matches from Fox Soccer Channel): Wednesday, Sept 20, 3pm; … Continue reading

  6. Sirius Announce Exclusive Deal with Chelsea

    Good news for Chelsea fans. Sirius Satellite and Chelsea today announced an agreement whereby the remaining Chelsea matches this season will be available exclusively on Sirius Satellite radio. Read the press release for more details. Each match will feature a … Continue reading

  7. EPL Yanks: Weekend Review

    Harry “Houdini” Redknapp who has been one of my favorite managers since his days at West Ham has taken Portsmouth to the top of the table! Pompey has played great this season and the acquisitions of wily veterans Kanu, Sol … Continue reading

  8. Check out the Soccer Shout Podcast!!!!!

    I’m just getting into the world of podcasts which seem destined to change the internet in similar fashion as blogging did just a few years back. Several soccer related podcasts are available online including World Soccer Daily from Sirius Radio … Continue reading

  9. Thoughts on Sunday's Premiership Clashes

    Well, we always thought this Premiership season was going to be close, and after this weekend’s matches we now have proof of that. While the Chelsea against Liverpool match left a bitter taste in my mouth, the Manchester United against … Continue reading