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  1. A milestone for MLS

    The MLS all stars stunned Chelsea, the EPL Champs today at Toyota Park. I was at the game and will have much more on this subject later, but feel this is one of the most important moments for MLS in … Continue reading

  2. EA Announces Upcoming Release of FIFA 07

    Premiership Countdown: 14 Days to Go. We’re just a week away from the Community Shield, and two weeks away from the Premiership kick-off. And, amazingly, we’re approximately 7 weeks away from the next release in the EA FIFA video game … Continue reading

  3. Shane O’Rourke (Setanta Sports) Interview

    Episode 19 features an interview with Shane O’Rourke, the president of North American operations for Setanta Sports. This special edition focuses on Setanta’s announcement that they’ll be showing more than 90 live Premiership matches during the 2006/2007 season. The discussion … Continue reading

  4. Notes from MLS All-Star Press Conference

    By Christopher Schachter, EPL Talk correspondent ESPN just announced their rights package, the leagues fourth if you include HDNet and Univision…all games on the Deuce (industry parlance for watching soccer with baseball scores on perpetual scroll at the bottom of … Continue reading

  5. Interview with Setanta Sports: North America

    EPL Talk will be conducting an interview this afternoon with Shane O’Rourke, president of North American operations for Setanta Sports, to discuss today’s huge announcement. It’ll be released as a special edition of the EPL Talk Podcast. If you have … Continue reading

  6. Behind the Scenes at Chelsea v MLS All-Stars

    EPL Talk correspondent Christopher Schachter who is covering the Chelsea against MLS All-Star match has arrived safely in Chicago. To see his up-to-the-minute photos from behind-the-scenes at Toyota Park with the MLS All-Stars, visit the EPL Talk Flickr account at … Continue reading

  7. Does Martin O'Neill Have What It Takes?

    In the past few years, Martin O’Neill’s stock value has skyrocketed. But is he as good as everyone says he is, and what impact can he have at a languishing Aston Villa? The former Nottingham Forest midfielder played under legendary … Continue reading

  8. USA Soccer joins the rest of the world

    For the first time since the USA arrived on the international soccer scene our top senior players are following the example of other nation’s top players and retiring after the World Cup. Eddie Pope has become the latest player to … Continue reading