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  1. Jorge vs. Hugh

    I just want to do a little poll. Question: Who did a worse job officiating their game? Hugh Dallas (2002 v. Germany) or Jorge Larrionda (2006 v. Italy)?

  2. Recap of interview with BBC World

    Just completed an interesting interview this morning on live TV for BBC World’s “My World Cup” show. The host, Adnan, asked me about the US performance in the Italy match, how the coverage has been thus far on TV, and … Continue reading

  3. Random World Cup Thoughts

    We’ve discussed the red cards and yellow cards from the USA-Italy match to death, but the overall booking situation needs to be addressed by FIFA. My thinking is that if FIFA is going to insist on issuing yellow cards in … Continue reading

  4. Welcome Five Live Listeners

    For those of you visiting the EPL Talk Blog for the first time, here’s a quick rundown of some of reasons to explore the site (and hopefully keep on returning): EPL Talk Blog. Updated daily, the blog gives you insight … Continue reading

  5. Sean Wheelock Interview

    Episode 12 features an interview with Sean Wheelock, World Cup commentator for XM Radio and a soccer analyst for BBC Radio Five Live. We spoke with Sean via phone from Germany and heard his insights regarding the upcoming US match … Continue reading

  6. Alternative to ABC/ESPN Commentary

    The Sun newspaper from England is streaming the World Cup matches live via Internet audio (including the current Australia versus Brazil match). Just click on the link below: The Sun newspaper (England)

  7. Nailbiting stuff

    Ghana 2 – 0 Czech Republic in the 86th minute. Could this be the first shock upset of the World Cup?

  8. D-Day For America

    It’s the 33rd minute of the Czech Republic against Ghana match, and the Africans are deservedly one nil in the lead. There’s alot of time to go in the match, but this bodes well so far for the US. Note … Continue reading

  9. Arena’s Dilemma

    Bruce Arena lacks the options he had in 2002 to shake up the team The embarrassing performance of the USA in the World Cup opener on Monday would be enough force most coaches to seek asylum in some foreign nation … Continue reading

  10. Heading to Europe…

    Greetings fellow bloggers. In the coming weeks I will be visiting the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg for leisure and hope to bring you all some local flavor from the World Cup. I cant promise much more than that, but certainly … Continue reading

  11. Important Notes From The Gaffer

    1. Want to win a free copy of the World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 video game for PS2 or XBOX? Go ahead and download a free copy of the EPL Talk Magazine, and enter the trivia contest that’s mentioned in … Continue reading

  12. Put Your Tracksuit Back on Walcott

    Phew! Theo Walcott was five minutes away from starting for England in their next match. If Sweden hadn’t scored in the 85th minute to beat Paraguay 1-0, the result of Tuesday’s England v Sweden match would have been meaningless for … Continue reading