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[TweetBeat] Celtic v Arsenal

TweetBeat takes the pulse of fan opinion and reaction – the emotional, the insightful and the trivial.  But mostly trivial though. Celtic v Arsenal – Before the game: digitalsnowtwit: Hoping for a good result for Arsenal tonight. Celtic at home is a mega tough task. A score draw would be […]

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Midweek Preview

The Championship is set to return with a vengeance today as twenty two teams go head to head, before Newcastle and Sheffield Wednesday do battle on Wednesday night. With the league table still taking shape, leaders Coventry will be hoping to cement their place at the top when they travel […]

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Sensory Overload: The 21st Century Neutral

Last week I made my Premier League New Year’s Resolutions. One of which was to watch more of the matches. So on day one of the new season I trekked down to the pub to catch most of the Saturday fixtures (at least the ones being televised in the States). […]

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Soccer On U.S. TV Is Becoming A Chore

I had a discussion last week with a veteran of the soccer television industry, and I asked him whether soccer schedules these days were more or less confusing than how they used to be five or even 10 years ago. His response was a laugh followed by a definitive answer. […]

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Fox Promotes Champions League Coverage (Video)

We received a pleasant surprise today when a Fedex package arrived from Fox Soccer Channel. Inside was a box of promotional items to help promote Fox’s coverage of the Champions League. Presumably the box is being sent to journalists and bloggers across the country. It’s a classy touch from Fox, […]

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Fan Diary #2: Watching The Spurs Match With Mum

While I tell myself it’s a long season and one result cannot shape the year, I can’t help but look to the opening fixture for a sign of what’s to come. I mean, I’ve been waiting all summer for this! Let me know with some great football that this is going […]

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MLS: Who Cares?

MLS in the US – Who Cares? As I was finishing writing this post, I read Kartik’s post on “Invisible MLS” and thought the timing couldn’t be better. Here’s my recent experience … I’ve just returned from a trip across the country to visit friends and family and spread the […]

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Birmingham’s Fahey Looks Set To Claim His Chance

As Manchester United and Birmingham City took to the Old Trafford turf on Sunday afternoon few eyes would have settled on the figure of Keith Fahey, Birmingham’s Irish midfielder. It has been a long journey for the former Arsenal and Aston Villa trainee but on Sunday Fahey finally arrived on […]

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Attendance Figures From Opening Premier League Weekend

The opening weekend of the 2009/2010 Premier League season was a success on the pitch and off the pitch. More than 350,000 football supporters packed the grounds around England despite the fact that many of the clubs with large capacities played away such as Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City and Sunderland. […]

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Invisible MLS: Why?

Being away this weekend on business limited the MLS action I saw to just the Telefutura match. In Central Florida, which has many football fans, the pubs were overflowing Saturday morning for the start of the Premiership season, and it was easy to talk Mexican Football with some patrons on […]

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