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  1. An Inter Fan’s Summer Transfer Wish

    After witnessing Inter Milan crash out of the Champions League Round of 16 to Manchester United, I had the same expression as Javier Zanetti.  An expression like WHAT THE F#$%K.  What will it take for Inter to win the Champions … Continue reading

  2. Jet Lag and American Footballers

    I spent about an hour at US National Team training yesterday at Barry University in Miami Shores. I was completely alone watching the practice as the college had a baseball game and people were coming in and out of the … Continue reading

  3. Red Card Rising

    Not since the fall of the Soviet Union has there been a menacing force like the red card. It somehow magically appears out of thin air, from the referee’s pocket to rear its ugly head. The red card is to … Continue reading

  4. Man United Need Leaders Like Roy Keane

    “There’s only one Keano” usually isn’t sung as a lamentation, but never before have Man United missed Roy Keane so much. Whether berating a prawn sandwich culture, or throwing under-performing players publicly under the bus, the man Keane never hesitated … Continue reading

  5. Chelsea Expand Summer Tour To 4 U.S. Cities

    Chelsea Football Club have expanded their preseason tour of the United States for the summer of 2009 to include friendlies in the following cities: Seattle, Pasadena, Baltimore and Arlington. Chelsea kick off their tour on July 18 when they play … Continue reading

  6. A Stadium for the Dynamo

    Lots of news coming out about the soccer specific stadium for the Houston Dynamo, and it seems to be good news. The projected cost of the stadium is $80 million, and the Dynamo will fund $60 million of that price … Continue reading

  7. Do or die for West Brom

    With 24 more points available in the 2008-2009 season, I hesitate to say that next weekend’s match with Stoke City is a must-win for West Bromwich Albion for its hopes for avoiding the drop. But it really is. The Baggies are … Continue reading

  8. Middlesbrough Are In Freefall

    Why can everyone else see Middlesbrough’s problems but Steve Gibson? Whilst his support for Southgate is edifying, it worries me that the Chairman seems so detached from the situation Boro are in by continuing to back Southgate over the evidence … Continue reading

  9. Louis Van Gaal Gets Hit By Ponzi Scheme


    When people think of Bernard Madoff in the United States, they would like to see the reinstatement of cruel and unusual punishment. Well there is another that might be thinking along those lines these days. Former Barcelona coach Louis Van … Continue reading