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Where to find USA vs. England U17 World Cup quarterfinal on US TV and streaming

If you’re trying to find out how you can watch USA vs. England in the U17 World Cup quarterfinal, you’ve come to the right place. The US men’s u17 team faces England in the World Cup on Saturday in a match that will be televised live across the United States. The U-17 MNT reached the Quarterfinal with a memorable 5-0 victory against Paraguay on Monday, Oct. 16 in New Delhi. Against England, the USA will look to advance to the U-17 World Cup Semifinals for the second time and first instance since 1999. The Three Lions advanced to the Quarterfinals ... Read more

Alexi Lalas defends US Soccer status quo on FOX Sports broadcast [VIDEO]

On Sunday’s MLS broadcast that was televised live on FS1, leading US Men’s National Team analyst Alexi Lalas gave a stirring two-minute speech that championed the status quo in US Soccer. Lalas defended Sunil Gulati and the US Soccer Federation. “No one person has the answers,” said Lalas. “Sunil Gulati doesn’t.” He continued, “[The system we built] is better than anything we’ve ever had before. “We don’t need to tear it down and start it over. The system did not lose the game against Trinidad.” Regarding change, Lalas concluded, “I hope that it’s change that builds on the past while ... Read more

Alexi Lalas and Taylor Twellman illustrate stark contrast in their analysis of USA’s World Cup disaster

In the wake of the disastrous World Cup qualifying campaign that culminated in a 2-1 loss Tuesday night against Trinidad and Tobago, it was surprising to see the differing approaches from the two most high-profile analysts of the US Men’s National Team. In one corner, you had FOX Sports Alexi Lalas, guardian of the status quo and US Soccer system. In the other, you had ESPN’s Taylor Twellman who continued his long-standing calls for reform in a more aggressive fashion than ever before. At the full time whistle in the Caribbean, the USMNT’s failure came into full view. The US, ... Read more

Why Tata Martino should be hired as Bruce Arena’s replacement for USMNT

With Bruce Arena announcing that he has stepped down as US Men’s National Team coach, now is the time for the US to start looking for a permanent new manager. They need someone who can get them back on track and start winning games again and get the US to the World Cup in 2022 and quite honestly they need someone who can do it with some sizzle and panache. US Soccer needs to fill a Brinks truck with cash and go after one man: Tata Martino. It should be noted here that yes Bruce Arena needs to go but ... Read more

Unfounded arrogance cost US Soccer place at World Cup

In the aftermath of the United States’ stunning failure to quality for the World Cup for the first time in more than thirty years, it’s clear that U.S. Soccer has serious structural problems that need fixing. We need to lower costs and remove barriers to entry for young players across the country – especially in lower-income, urban areas. We need to raise coaching standards. But those structural problems aren’t new, and they aren’t what prevented the U.S. from getting to Russia next summer. Pay to play is a travesty, but we’ve had a pay to play system in this country ... Read more

When a soccer culture depends too much on a national team, it’s doomed to failure

When the final whistle sounded in Trinidad and Tobago Tuesday night, and the United States failed to qualify for its first World Cup since the lamentable era of the 1980’s American soccer, the predictable “soccer will die in the US” comments began being made. Not so fast. The mistake so many have made in the marketing of sport in this country from FOX Sports to MLS to other media entities is to link perceptions of the sport’s popularity and importance to the US Men’s National Team (USMNT) . In the process, the US Soccer Federation (USSF), MLS and many in ... Read more

MLS cannot escape blame for US implosion in World Cup qualifying

The United States’ failure to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup is a devastating blow for the sport in this country, but it’s also a clear reflection of how much of a damaging effect the top-flight league has had on the national team in the last number of years. Coached by Bruce Arena, who has never coached a professional club team outside of the United States, he fielded a team on Tuesday night that was made entirely out of current MLS or former MLS players, except one — Christian Pulisic, the one star that continues to be light years ahead ... Read more

After US World Cup disaster, the USMNT players that should stay or leave player pool

The US isn’t going to the World Cup. As shocking as that is, it’s the reality of the situation. The US were quite frankly terrible throughout the entirety of qualification (even going back to the semi-final round where they needed a 4-0 win against Guatemala to avoid being dumped out) and honestly deserved this fate. You will never sell me that that group of 11 players that took the field against Trinidad & Tobago cared at all about making it to Russia. The complete lack of effort, the walking around, the end result is an absolute disgrace. Everybody not named ... Read more