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UEFA announce changes to Champions League seeding system

UEFA have announced ratified changes to the seeding system for next year’s Champions League which will affect how the top seeds are determined. The new system will see the winners of the 2014-15 Champions League joined by the winners of the domestic titles in Spain, Germany, England, France, Italy, Portugal and Russia. What this means is no country will have more than two teams in the top set of seeds at the start of the tournament, and more of Europe’s major clubs will meet each other during the group stages. If the Champions League winner is also one of the seven ... Read more

Pep Guardiola charged by UEFA for an incident of non-sporting nature

Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola has been charged by UEFA for an incident of non-sporting nature. In all its wisdom, European football’s governing body has elected to take issue with Guardiola for wearing a t-shirt which promoted a campaign for justice surrounding the death of an Argentine journalist during his pre-match press conference prior to the second leg of Bayern Munich’s Champions League match against Porto. During the press conference, Guardiola wore a t-shirt which had the words “Justicia para Topo” written on it. It relates to a campaign calling for an investigation into the death of journalist Topo Lopez in ... Read more

Conquering Atletico can be a catalyst to glory for Real Madrid

Despite a stunning 2014, there have been criticisms aplenty since the turn of the year coming the way of Real Madrid’s players. Selfish, meek and lazy are the sorts of terms used to describe Carlo Ancelotti’s men as of late, more so given the manner in which they crumbled in the La Liga title race during early 2015. They’re debilitating traits often associated with Los Blancos’ clutch of supremely talented but often timid superstars and chinks in the armor city rivals Atletico Madrid have exploited with distinction in recent contests; they’ll be desperate to do so once again when the ... Read more

UEFA requires Real Madrid to wear pink shirts against Schalke 04 today

Real Madrid were preparing to have their players wear the club’s alternative black kit with a dragon pattern on the shirt for tonight’s Champions League Round of 16 first leg against Schalke 04. But since the away kit is too similar to Schalke’s home shirt, UEFA have required the reigning champions of Europe to don their pink kit instead this evening at the Veltins-Arena. The last time Real Madrid wore the pink kit was in the club’s away defeat to Real Sociedad in August. During that contest, Los Blancos jumped out to an early 2-0 lead, only to see the home ... Read more

UEFA Champions League isn’t the same without Manchester United

We all wait eagerly as the Champions League cleans out the cobwebs, wipes off the dust from its boots and prepares to restart after a short break. As any soccer fan will tell you, the yardstick by which we rank Europe’s elite is fast becoming the world’s premier soccer competition. The search for Champions League glory is one of the main reasons why teams spend incomprehensible amounts of money on players. However, as we huddle around our television sets to drink in the next round, there’s one thing that seems worth a minor mention. For the first time in 19 ... Read more – The New And Exciting Way To Play Fantasy Soccer

Every year, I push myself to make a fantasy soccer side. Usually based around the English Premier League, I pick my side that is going to see me top the world. And then I leave it. This year, I still have Olivier Giroud in the team, despite him being injured until the turn of the year. Two years ago, Alex Song stayed in my side for an entire season, despite him moving from Arsenal to Barcelona. Sometimes I want the fantasy experience, be it the glory of bragging to my mates or sitting for an hour, scouring statistics to make the correct ... Read more

7 Best Soccer subreddits to Follow

Quickly becoming one of the largest online active communities, reddit is a hive of daily debate, discussion and news from across the globe. Labeling itself as ‘the front page of the internet’, the website is split up into specific subreddits that can deal with anything from random ‘shower-thoughts’ to 19th century Russian literature reviews. While it is fun to spend hours exploring the depths of the Internet’s opinions, with at least 5000 of these subreddits (or ‘subs’ for short), it is easy to get lost. Here is World Soccer Talk’s guide to help the new user find the most active, accessible ... Read more

UEFA To Consider Rules Change Targeting Manchester United and Real Madrid’s Debt

UEFA has arranged a meeting on Monday to discuss new Financial Fair Play regulations which would make debt reduction part of its guidelines. There has been growing criticism that the governing body’s efforts are focused solely on the over-investment at European clubs, while ignoring the accumulation of debt. Gianni Infantino, UEFA general secretary, said: “We’re now focused on losses and to repay debt is part of the loss that the club can make at the end of the season. But, certainly, the question of debt is something that can be put on the table.” News of this proposal will be a concern to Manchester ... Read more