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Archives: racing santander

Valencia, Deportivo Move On In UEFA Cup

Posted on by Juan Arango

Valencia and Deportivo are the two Spanish survivors coing out of the group stages of the UEFA Cup.  Deportivo came out with an improbable victory 16 minutes from time as Rodolfo Bodipo came off the bench and broke the hearts … Continue reading

La Liga Team Of The Week – Week 9

Posted on by George Metellus

Alright, we are back again for another Team Of The Week and I’m a bit late cause I got caught up in the U.S. Presidential Election.  Hopefuly, a nation’s fortunes has changed with the outcome of the election.  Same could be applied to the La … Continue reading

Maradona Slams Messi

Posted on by Juan Arango

You can criticize his political leanings or the way he lived his life.  Yet when it comes to telling the truth he never backs down.  Diego Maradona will compliment you the same way he will criticize you. var iamInit = … Continue reading

GolTV Commentator Makes A Funny Flub

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Sometimes it’s not the wisest idea to having Spanish-speaking announcers commentating a soccer match in English, especially when it’s not their native tongue. The perfect example was today’s Real Zaragoza against Racing Santander match. Here’s what the GolTV commentator said … Continue reading

No Barcelona or Real Madrid for GolTV Viewers

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Due to “The Television Wars” in Spain, Sunday’s match between Racing Santander and Barcelona was another casualty of the fight between Audiovisual Sport and Mediapro causing the big game to be blacked out around the world. Closer to home, the … Continue reading

A Tale of Two

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Just as Real Madrid seemed to be making a surge toward the top of the table, along comes Racing Santander to upset them 2-1 on Saturday. The defeat was Real’s first in nine matches and leaves them sitting five points … Continue reading

Reflections on La Liga Matches

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Here are some of my observations from last weekend’s La Liga matches: Chelsea shouldn’t have a lot to fear in the Champions League with Valencia although the Blues still shouldn’t take the Spanish side lightly. Against Racing Santander, Valencia looked … Continue reading