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Upcoming Major League Soccer Talk Podcasts: Expert Opinion on Collective Bargaining

Posted on by Richard Farley

In a series podcasts to be released throughout the week, Major League Soccer Talk (subscribe) will be talking to three legal/business/sport experts, getting perspectives on collective bargaining in Major League Soccer and the United States’ sports landscape.


Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

I apologize to our readers sincerely for the delay in re-starting Q&A. I’ll answer the most recent questions as well as answer some old ones thus Friday. Please leave any questions or comments in this thread.

Q&A July 3rd

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

Eloping Camel asked 1. Open Cup – I love your thoughts on expanding the Open Cup so that the “fringe” teams in the nation get more of a chance in earlier rounds, and then get the non-playoff MLS teams in … Continue reading

Q&A: June 27th

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

Leave your questions for next weeks Q&A in the comments thread here. Thanks again to everyone who participated. My replies will be posted Thursday morning of next week. Matt Johnston asked: Question on U.S. Open Cup procedure, why don’t MLS … Continue reading

Introducing Weekly Q&A

Posted on by Kartik Krishnaiyer

  Beginning this Friday, every week I will answer reader questions about any issue related to the world of soccer. Leave your questions in the comments section of this post and check back each and every Friday afternoon for the … Continue reading