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Archives: Premier League

Bidding For Premier League TV Rights In U.S. Extended One More Week

Posted on by Christopher Harris

The auction for the US media rights to the English Premier League has moved into an additional round of bidding. The new deadline is now Friday, October 26, according to MultiChannel News. The publication says that sources close to the … Continue reading

Which Has More Action: A NFL Game or an EPL Match? The Answer May Surprise You

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Ask Americans why they don’t watch soccer, and chances are that most of them will argue that soccer is boring and that there’s not enough scoring in the game. Dig a little deeper, however, and you may be surprised by what … Continue reading

How Some New Fans to the Premier League Find Teams to Follow

Posted on by Christopher Harris

It’s easy to live in a bubble when following soccer in the United States. Ninety nine percent of my interactions are with hardcore soccer fans, so when I talk to a fan who’s new to the Premier League, it’s often … Continue reading

talkSPORT Launches Free Commentary of Every Premier League Game for 2012-13 Season

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Beginning this weekend, commentary of every single Premier League match this season will be available live for free from talkSPORT, the UK-based sports talk radio station. Under the new rights deal signed earlier this year, talkSPORT acquired the radio rights … Continue reading

How to Pick an English Premier League Team

Posted on by Matt Jones

It’s often said that supporting a soccer team is a bit like a marriage. I could trot out the old cliches about “ups and downs” and “twists and turns.” But to be honest, some marriages don’t last, some people have … Continue reading

How Do You Rate Your Club’s Chances Now That The EPL Schedule Has Been Released?

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Earlier today, the Premier League revealed the fixtures for the 2012-13 season. In the world of soccer blogs, today is a Black Monday (more about that later), but what do you think of the fixtures that have been revealed for … Continue reading

Al Jazeera Not Planning On Bidding for Premier League TV Rights In UK, Says Report

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Al Jazeera may not bid for Premier League TV rights in the United Kingdom and Europe after all, according to a report this week on the Football Economy website. The website quotes a source at Citigroup who revealed that: “The … Continue reading

Premier League and La Liga US TV Rights Up For Bidding In 2012

Posted on by Christopher Harris

In the past few years, FOX Soccer has been accumulating an ever-growing number of TV rights deals to bring most of the best soccer leagues in the world to a US audience. FOX Sports winning the bids to broadcast the … Continue reading

A New Proposal for the Premier League’s 39th Game

Posted on by David Eykelestam

I am in a favor of the 39th game (audible gasp). By that I don’t mean each team should play an extra round of fixtures tagged on somewhere in an already congested season that would ultimately imbalance the entire league … Continue reading

Premier League Adds Its Logo To Broadcasts In Fight Against UK Pubs

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Starting today, the Premier League added a watermark in the bottom right corner of many of its TV and Internet broadcasts (see above example). Adding the Premier League logo is certainly a move by the league to protect its copyright … Continue reading

What Would Your Dream Premier League TV, Radio and Podcast Wish List Look Like?

Posted on by Christopher Harris

We all know that Premier League football is far more than the 90 minutes our favorite team plays each weekend. Throughout the week there’s plenty of programming, on television, the Internet and radio, to keep us informed and entertained about … Continue reading

Why FOX’s World Cup TV Rights Deal is a Victory For the Premier League, Not MLS

Posted on by Christopher Harris

FOX winning the TV rights for the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cup tournaments is, in a strange way, a victory for the Premier League. FOX Soccer has built its soccer empire on the success it has achieved with U.S. … Continue reading

What Premier League Essentials Can’t You Live Without?

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Outside of the TV coverage of the actual matches themselves, what are the things that you can’t live without when it comes to following the Premier League? For example, what TV shows, radio shows, websites, phone apps, plug-ins, or anything … Continue reading

How to Improve the Premier League Weekend Fixtures

Posted on by Christopher Harris

I realize that what I will suggest will border on being sacrilegious in the eyes of English football traditionalists, but here goes: The weekend Premier League football schedule needs to change. Let me explain. This past weekend’s matches in the … Continue reading

England’s Win Over Spain Illustrates The Different Philosophies of Football

Posted on by Izzy Roberts

Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote “Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all”. Spanish fans echoed similar sentiments following their recent 1-0 loss to England in an international friendly. It was a brave defensive display … Continue reading

Finding the Premier League In Unsuspecting Places

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Something happened this past weekend that made my day. I decided to take a long walk Saturday. It was a beautiful day in South Florida. A picture-perfect day. Blue skies, 76 degrees fahrenheit and a cool breeze. It felt so … Continue reading

Debating the Use of Video Referees in the Premier League

Posted on by Lawrence Cohen

Talk to any football fan and chances are, they can painfully recall a weekend ruined by a bad refereeing decision. And for supporters of Premier League sides, the pain is that much greater. Thanks to the TV cameras present at … Continue reading

Premier League TV Viewing Audience Numbers In the United States, 2008-11

Posted on by Christopher Harris

TV viewing audience numbers for Premier League matches on U.S. television have come a long in four years. From 19,000 viewers in 2008 for one game to more than 1.6 million for a recent Premier League match. Along the way, … Continue reading