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NBC Sports Gold launches free preview weekend for Premier League viewers

NBC Sports will launch a free preview of their Premier League Pass streaming service from NBC Sports Gold this weekend. Priced at $50 per year, this is the first time this season that NBC Sports Gold has offered a free preview, which will include all of the Premier League matches exclusive to NBC Sports Gold as well as the shoulder programming available from Premier League Productions. The free preview coincides with this Saturday’s Premier League Mornings Live fan fest in Washington DC. Last season, NBC Sports advertised they would feature 130 games via the NBC Sports Gold Premier League Pass ... Read more

NBC Sports Gold launches Premier League streaming for pubs, restaurants and bars

NBC Sports has launched a version of their Premier League Pass streaming service for pubs, bars, restaurants and other commercial properties in the United States for $199/season. This season’s Premier League Pass guarantees 150 live Premier League matches (with at least four matches per Premier League club) and a suite of shoulder programming. Both the commercial establishment-version and public-version of the passes are powered by Playmaker Media, and will stream coverage live and on-demand via desktop, mobile, tablets, and connected TV devices. Commercial establishments can register their interest in the NBC Sports Gold Premier League Pass via the sign-up page. ... Read more

NBC brings back NBC Sports Gold for new Premier League season

For the 2018/19 season, NBC Sports will feature 150 games behind the NBC Sports Gold paywall, which means that there’ll be 230 games available on television. Last season, NBC Sports advertised they would feature 130 games via the NBC Sports Gold Premier League Pass paid subscription service, but due to the way the matches were scheduled, NBC Sports ended up showing 150 games on NBC Sports Gold. Having learned from last season, NBC Sports will again offer 150 exclusive Premier League games via NBC Sports Gold for $50. Those games aren’t available on television. While the big clubs such as ... Read more

NBC Sports Gold subscribers receive apology after Premier League Pass outages

NBC Sports has issued an apology to subscribers of their NBC Sports Gold service after the debacle that occurred Saturday, which resulted in a major online outage at the same time that Manchester United played away against Southampton. “We apologize for the disruptions and inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding as we continue to look for new ways to bring you the best sports content in the world,” NBC Sports wrote in an e-mail to NBC Sports Gold subscribers. The outage Saturday caused fans of Premier League clubs in the US to flock to social media to vent their anger at ... Read more

NBC Sports Gold crashes, causing havoc for Premier League coverage

NBC Sports Gold suffered its worst outage of the season today when the Premier League Pass paid-subscription service crashed, causing soccer fans across the United States to miss valuable minutes of seeing their team in action. As a result, soccer fans stormed to social media to vent their anger at NBC Sports. Last weekend, NBC Sports suffered a similar outage that caused Liverpool fans to miss precious minutes of their game against Burnley, which was only available on NBC Sports Gold. And with Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United all playing during the same 10am-Noon ET window today, NBC Sports ... Read more

NBC Sports in talks to offer Premier League Pass to bars across United States

NBC Sports is in discussions with cable companies to find a solution for Premier League Pass that can be used in bars across the United States, according to a NBC Sports executive in an interview with Sports TV Ratings. Currently, Premier League Pass is only available via online streaming to consumers for a fee of $50 per season. That’s left bars across the United States stranded for the first three weeks of the Premier League season without a way to show all of the games that they’ve been accustomed to broadcasting. As a result, supporters groups across the United States ... Read more

Premier League Pass faces first major test this weekend with Spurs game behind paywall

NBC Sports’ Premier League Pass faces its first major test this weekend when 50% of the EPL games will be on the paid streaming service including Sunday’s match between Tottenham and Burnley. The first big test the service, which is part of NBC Sports Gold, will face is how many Spurs supporters in the United States will decide to pay for it ($50 per season) and how many will decide to stream it illegally through other means. Given that this past Sunday’s Spurs-Chelsea match averaged 814,000 viewers between NBCSN and Telemundo combined, many of the viewers would be ideal candidates ... Read more

First impressions of NBC Sports Gold’s Premier League Pass service for soccer fans

As a fan of one of “the other 14” clubs in the Premier League (the ones outside of The Big 6), NBC Sports Gold’s Premier League Pass service is a must-have by necessity if you want to watch every game that your club plays during the 2017/18 season. In all, the estimate is that more than 35% of many team’s games will be viewable only through Premier League Pass this season. Your mileage may vary. After taking Premier League Pass for a test drive this past weekend, here are my first impressions. Purchase experience Signing up for NBC Sports Gold ... Read more