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Where and how to watch Premier League streams

The popularity of streaming continues to grow year after year, providing soccer fans with more choices of how to cut the cord and save money, as well as watching games when you want, where you want and on what devices you want. While illegal streaming sites can infect your computer with viruses, malware and pop-up ads, there are many legal streaming services that offer HD picture quality as well as a ton of options to watch your favorite team, game or league on different devices. Here’s our research on where and how to watch streams of Premier League games. If ... Read more

NBC Sports Live Extra changes name to NBC Sports App

For soccer fans in the United States, the vast majority are familiar with NBC Sports Live Extra, the app that allows soccer fans to watch every single Premier League game across computers, smart phones, tablets, Roku and other devices. But beginning immediately, NBC Sports has rebranded the app from NBC Sports Live Extra to NBC Sports App. The NBC Sports App name is a more user-friendly and simpler name that’s not just “extra” content, but streams everything that NBC Sports broadcasts. In 2016, the NBC Sports App will stream more than 10,000 events including 4,500 hours of the Rio Olumpics. The ... Read more

NBC adds 45-minute preview feature to NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports has added a 45-minute preview feature to NBC Sports Live Extra, which allows sports fans to watch live streaming without having to log in. The new feature works on computers, tablets and mobile devices. According to a NBC Sports spokesperson, the 45-minute preview feature is “designed both as a way for consumers to trial NBC Sports Group’s TV Everywhere content offering, and for users who are subscribers and may not have their login credentials on-hand. The preview allows them time to retrieve their credentials while not missing a moment of live action.” The preview feature works for all ... Read more

NBC Sports Live Extra ramps up Premier League ‘Tactical Cam’ offering this weekend

If you’ve watched a Premier League match on NBC Sports Live Extra during the past 18 months, you may have noticed the ‘Tactical Cam’ option that’s available in the top right corner of the window for select matches. After opening the tactical cam window, the feature gives you the opportunity to watch the match from a completely different camera angle than the main TV/Live Extra feed. Previously, the tactical cam has been available for select matches. But beginning this weekend, NBC Sports will be ramping up their tactical cam offering by including it in more games than ever before — ... Read more

NBC Sports Live Extra experiences first major outage with Premier League coverage

Monday was a celebration of NBC retaining the Premier League for another six years. Unfortunately, Saturday was a morning of frustration when those either looking for a second screen experience (as I was doing) or trying to follow the second-halves of games were completely blacked out of NBC Sports Live Extra. Beginning in the second half of the 10am-Noon ET games, the streams of the Premier League matches on NBC Sports Live Extra would completely stop, then pick up again approximately 30-60 seconds later, and then stop again. And then repeated the same issue until all of the streams stopped to a ... Read more

How much would you be willing to pay for NBC Sports App each month?

With the recent launch of HBO as an online service that cord cutters can subscribe to without requiring a TV subscription, as well as NBC Sports making its games available on Roku and Apple TV devices (with an authenticated login), it makes you wonder whether NBC Sports may, in the future, decide to offer its NBC Sports App streaming service as a stand-alone streaming product that soccer fans and cord cutters can subscribe to without requiring an authenticated login as it does now. The live and on-demand HBO service on Sling TV costs $15 per month on top of the mandatory ... Read more

NBC Sports Live Extra is now available on Roku and Apple TV

NBC Sports Live Extra is now available on Roku and Apple TV in the United States so that soccer fans can watch the Premier League live on the set-top box devices. A subscription to a cable or satellite TV provider is still required so you can authenticate your login on NBC Sports Live Extra. However, having NBC Sports Live Extra available on Roku and Apple TV devices will make it easier for soccer fans to watch their favorite league (and other sports) without having to switch from their set top box to a laptop or TV. For soccer fans in the United States, ... Read more

NBC Sports Updates NBC Sports Live Extra With New Enhancements

Regular users of the NBC Sports Live Extra app will have noticed several new enhancements added in the last few weeks as NBC Sports aims to make the content and stats to accompany each game even more useful. The new functionality and visualizations include real-time lineups and match statistics; minute-by-minute text commentary synchronized with the video stream and live tables that provide real-time league standings. In addition, every goal, every red card and every key moment are quickly available to viewers via the redesigned Key Events bar. Screenshots of the new features can be seen below: Stats feature (closeup) Lineups feature (closeup) Text ... Read more