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NBC Sports Live Extra App

Posted on by Harry Cee
NBC app copy

Is the NBC Sports Live Extra app a viable app for EPL fans? I have used the app since the beginning of the season.  Some positives are that the app is completely free. All that is required, after the download, … Continue reading

BBC’s Match Of The Day Dictates England’s Soccer Dialogue, For Better Or Worse

Posted on by Matthew Walsh

Here’s a fun game. Next time you go watch a soccer match in a bar, pub or somewhere else in public, just spend a moment and try and catch some of the conversation flying around. Not the endless droves of … Continue reading

BBC’s Match Of The Day Opening for the 2013-14 Season [VIDEO]

Posted on by Christopher Harris

One of the highlights of every new season is waiting to find out what the BBC have done with the new opening to their famous Match Of The Day program that airs every Saturday night on British television. Almost every season they … Continue reading