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Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Week 1

Posted on by Peter C

The Week 1 numbers look like this…   5 year comparison   Week 1 8 GP YTD   Avg +/- GP Avg +/- Avg +/- GP  2006   22,292     6   22,684     22,292     6   2007   16,109   -27.73%   6   17,051  … Continue reading

Donovan Shines, Brazilians Sputter as Galaxy Beat Revs on Opening Day

Posted on by Eric Altshule

  There is a world-wide assumption that, when it comes to a ball, Americans can only throw and catch while Brazilians can do the samba with the ball at their feet and never miss a step.  Every time a Brazilian … Continue reading

MLS Crystal Ball Edition

Posted on by Peter C

Some Starters The new MLS Website.. Du Nord: Top 10 significant signings and influential departures. First, how they finished in 2009 – PPG=Points Per Game – GFA=Goals For Average – GAA=Goals Against Average 2009   PPG GFA GAA  CLB  1.63  … Continue reading

A Banquet of Previews

Posted on by Peter C

The 2010 season is upon us, so to help you get ready, or in case you’re bored, here are previews of each of the 16 teams. For each team, I’ve linked to more than one preview. I always find it … Continue reading

2010 MLS Season Preview

Posted on by Randy Capps

With weeks of labor talk dominating the MLS headlines, the start of the season has been sneaking up on me. Seems like a good time for a preview. Eastern Conference 1. Columbus Crew- It’s hard to bet against them winning … Continue reading

MLS, Players Union Reach Deal On New Collective Bargaining Agreement

Posted on by Randy Capps

It’s game on for Major League Soccer in 2010. In a teleconference at around 1 p.m., MLS and its players’ union announced the agreement on a new five-year collective bargaining agreement. Details haven’t really been released yet, but it appears … Continue reading

MLS Labor Dispute – Players Up The Ante

Posted on by Randy Capps

If you thought that MLS and its players union had until March 25 to avert a work stoppage and get a new collective bargaining agreement done, the timetable has moved up a bit. Multiple reports, quoting sources close to the … Continue reading

MLS, Players Union Still Talking…For Now

Posted on by Randy Capps

After a couple of days worth of meetings in Washington D.C. with federal mediator George H. Cohen, Major League Soccer and the MLS Players Union agree on only one thing: There isn’t a work stoppage. Right now. Here’s the net … Continue reading

Donovan Asks Galaxy To Extend Everton Loan

Posted on by Randy Capps

According to multiple reports, Landon Donovan is asking his MLS employers, the L.A. Galaxy, to extend his loan stay at Everton. “I have told Galaxy what I want; they know what’s going on and I speak to my manager there … Continue reading

Landon Donovan Exits Goodison in Everton Glory

Posted on by Eric Altshule

After Landon Donovan’s empathic goal at Goodison Park yesterday, he was carried by teammate Jack Rodwell into the corner nearer the crowd so he could receive the plaudits from the fans more directly.  That the crowd started chanting USA-USA-USA was … Continue reading

MLS, Players Union Agree To Mediation

Posted on by Randy Capps

On Friday afternoon, Major League Soccer and the MLS Players Union announced that they will meet next week in Washington D.C. to resume labor negociations. And they’ve accepted an offer of mediation from George H. Cohen, director of the Federal Mediation … Continue reading

Garber confident that MLS will avoid work stoppage

Posted on by Randy Capps

Is it posturing, or is it genuine optimism? Hard to say, but Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber likes his league’s chances of starting the 2010 season without either a lockout or strike. He spoke at the SoccerEx convention in … Continue reading

It’s Champions League Time … for Columbus

Posted on by Peter C

The UEFA Champions League(UCL) knockout phase is underway. It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that it attracts a global audience and captivates fans with competition that features many of the greatest players in the game. When I was just beginning … Continue reading

MLS, Union Playing The Waiting Game

Posted on by Randy Capps

The MLS season opener is 24 days away, and as of right now, it’s going ahead as scheduled. Of course, the “as of right now” part of that sentence is key. The collective bargaining agreement expired last month and it’s … Continue reading

Labor Woes Pushing MLS to the Brink

Posted on by Randy Capps

The Major League Soccer season is scheduled to start on March 25 when the Seattle Sounders host the expansion Philadelphia Union. Of course, with the owners and players trying to hammer out an collective bargaining agreement to replace the one … Continue reading

MLS Facing Unmitigated Disaster

Posted on by Lars Lowther

Major League Soccer is a niche league, perhaps the largest niche league in North America (depending on your view of hockey and the NHL).  It lacks a lot of the tradition, and strength that can be found in older leagues … Continue reading

C.B.A. Update. A New Deal Is Almost Ready To Be Signed

Posted on by Daniel Feuerstein

There is some major news coming from my good friend Duane Rollins up in Toronto. From his 24th Minute blog he has received inside information that progress is being made between the players union and the league with the new … Continue reading

Take Me Out to the Ballgame – The Prequel

Posted on by Peter C

With the 2010 MLS season just around the corner, here’s a look back at recent MLS attendance before we move forward. The final regular season numbers for 2009 look like this… 5 year comparison Full Season Averages    Avg  +/- … Continue reading