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Looking Ahead: Pre-WCQ Edition

This is a great weekend if you love Major League Soccer. Great match-ups will dot your TV screen nearly the entire weekend long, starting tomorrow afternoon and winding up late on Sunday night. Of course when you have some high-quality fixtures, you also get some doozies as well. You can’t […]

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Brant Parsons of the Orlando Sentinel and “The Other Football” podcast fame has an outstanding post on his Soccer blog today. As a Beatles fanatic I truly appreciate it. Check it out: http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/sports_soccerblog/2007/05/todays_top_ten_.html#comments

From Russia without love

If European footballers were to be asked about the away venue they would least like to play at, Russia would probably top the list. ‘A tough place to go’ is about the size of the cliché, with both clubs and national teams wary of the distance, temperatures and the teams […]

Will The Spanish National Team Finally Deliver?

The Spanish national team has long been forgotten in the midst of the European achievements of clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona. Los Galacticos and the Catalan club have long dominated the Spanish football scene not to mention their heavy presence in European club competitions. While Barca won the Champions League […]

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