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The Excitement Of The Final Weekend

So has everyone caught their breath? Well, if you were a fan of four Eastern Conference teams, this evening was a pins-and-needles expedition. With as much criticism as has been leveled towards a playoff system where 10 out of 18 teams qualify, the way Major League Soccer organized the playoff […]

Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 29: TV times and open thread

Here’s today’s TV schedule for viewers/readers in the United States: Crystal Palace vs QPR, 8:45am, NBCSN and NBC Sports Live Extra; Peter Drury & Phil Neville Arsenal vs West Ham, 11am, NBCSN and NBC Sports Live Extra; Gary Taphouse & Tony Gale Leicester vs Hull, 11am, NBC Sports Live Extra; […]

Is the Premier League Better Than Sex?

Practically every weekend of the Premier League is filled with so much emotion, wonderful skills and excitement that you have to wonder whether it’s better than sex at times? Consider other entertainment mediums. Books are great but no matter how suspenseful they are they’re already pre-written. You can turn to […]

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