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I´m Sick Of The Media!!!

Posted on by Juan Arango

  Yes, I said it.  Those who have a problem with it, well take a number and get in line.

Thank You!

Posted on by Juan Arango

2008 was a huge year for La Liga Talk, this is why we want to thank you all for either breezing by or leaving your comments.   This was part of the growth that we wanted to see. Now we … Continue reading

La Liga’s Winter XI

Posted on by Juan Arango

There is only one person in the starting XI under the sticks- Iker. Things have not changed much for him. With a suspect backline Iker Casillas is the one that saves Madrid’s hide time after time after time.   He … Continue reading

Zaragoza cries seven yeras later

Posted on by Jose M. Malo de Molina

There are teams you can actually imaging playing in 2º Division. Zaragoza is not one of them. With the highest budget of its history, a team made for Champions League is now in hell, deciding who they are going to … Continue reading

Welcome to La Liga Talk

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Today marks the first post for a brand new web site named La Liga Talk (also accessible via While I’m a huge fan of the Premiership, I’ve watched Spanish football quite a bit over the past few years, but … Continue reading