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FOX Soccer 2Go: The Definitive User’s Guide

FOX Soccer 2Go is an online streaming service where sports fans can view not only Premier League matches live and on demand, but also view various matches from soccer and rugby leagues across the globe. While the online subscription site has encountered various growing pains over the course of the last few years, including a redesign, facelift and re-branding, the current FOX Soccer 2Go is one of stability, efficiency, reliability and most importantly of all, availability. Soccer fans now have the opportunity to view live Premier League and UEFA Champions League matches not only on their desktops or laptops, but ... Read more

FOX Renames to FOX Soccer 2Go

FOX has renamed its broadband streaming service to FOX Soccer 2Go. The name change means that the iPhone app, iPad app and now web service all feature the same consistent name. The FOX Soccer 2Go features, benefits and pricing remain the same. The only change has been that the website has replaced the logos and messaging with FOX Soccer 2Go. If you visit, it’ll redirect to The broadband streaming service from FOX has morphed a lot during its long history. In March 2010, FOX began streaming select live Premier League matches online after acquiring rights from ... Read more