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Archives: FIFA Video Game

FIFA 13 Christmas TV Commercial Starring Lionel Messi [VIDEO]

Posted on by Alex Muller

“Giving is good, playing is better” is the tagline of EA Sports’ new TV commercial to promote FIFA 13 for Christmas. The 20 second TV commercial features Lionel Messi who is in for a quite a surprise at Christmas time. … Continue reading

FIFA 13 for the Wii U Review: A Good Game That Just Falls Short in Extra Time

Posted on by Harry Cee

I was one of the lucky few that managed to get a Wii U this past week, and overall it’s a decent new system with the biggest selling point of the GamePad tablet being the way it changes the way … Continue reading

Trailer for FIFA 13 on Wii U: GamePad Sets a Course for Gaming’s Future [VIDEO]

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Today, Nintendo launches Wii U, a brand-new video game console that is the successor to the popular Wii video game system. There’s a lot of positive buzz regarding the release of Wii U so far. But, for us soccer fans, … Continue reading

Which Is Better, FIFA 13 or PES 2013?

Posted on by Harry Cee

FIFA 13 or PES 2013. Don’t know which to get?  Let’s put these two games side by side and see how they compare. Licensing EA has almost every professional team in existence in the game. MLS fans can play it … Continue reading

Win A Copy Of FIFA 13 For XBOX 360, PS3 or PS Vita

Posted on by Christopher Harris

EPL Talk is giving away several FIFA 13 games this week courtesy of EA Sports. We have 4 FIFA 13 games to give away – 1 for the XBOX 360, 2 for the PS Vita and 1 for the PS3. … Continue reading

FIFA 13 | Match Day

Posted on by Laurence McKenna
Screen Shot 2012-09-29 at 17.31.12

Check out the link to the YouTube video above, well worth a look from FIFA 13… In previous years, FIFA players could have been accused of dodging real league politics and injuries; form and formation; fixtures and fixations. They were … Continue reading

FIFA 13 PS Vita Review: Handheld Game Console Game Gets Red Card

Posted on by Harry Cee

It’s been many years since I actually regretted a game purchase to the point of anger, and I am shocked and saddened that FIFA 13 for the PS Vita would be it. With the lack of any sort of information … Continue reading

First-Day Sales For FIFA 13 Increase 42%: The Nightly EPL

Posted on by Alex Muller

Video gamers this week have been racking up the hours playing the new version of the FIFA video game series, FIFA 13. According to EA Sports, the videogame maker said they sold 353,000 copies of FIFA Soccer 13 in North America … Continue reading

FIFA 13 — Review: Finally Learning from Their Competitors

Posted on by Harry Cee
FIFA 13 Logo - Unofficial

Player Career – How I Spent my Weekend in Northampton Town One thing that has always been daunting about playing FIFA games, especially as a new player, is that the player career mode was unforgiving.  You create your player and … Continue reading

New FIFA 13 TV Commercial Features Snoop Playing Soccer Video Game [VIDEO]

Posted on by Alex Muller

The latest FIFA 13 commercial features Snoop playing FIFA 13, as well as other stars including Andrew Luck, A$AP Rocky and Monica Gonzalez. The FIFA 13 commercial is to promote how FIFA Soccer 13 with Kinect enables you to use … Continue reading

FIFA 13: Attacking Intelligence Features Improved Attacking Runs [VIDEO]

Posted on by Alex Muller
FIFA 13 Logo - Unofficial

EA Sports has enhanced the Attacking Intelligence feature in FIFA 13 to improve attacking runs, and to make attacking more realistic. In the above video, FIFA 13 Line Producer Nick Channon explains why the new Attacking Intelligence in FIFA 13 … Continue reading

FIFA 13 Demo: First Impressions

Posted on by Harry Cee

It’s getting closer to that time of the year when the new soccer video games arrive. And now that EA has released the demo for FIFA 13, I think there will be a clear cut choice as to what game I … Continue reading

FIFA 13 Demo Now Available For Download

Posted on by Laurence McKenna

In case you hadn’t noticed FIFA 13 launched a demo today. It has gone live on PC and Xbox, with PS3 set to follow this afternoon. I know you’re rushing home right now to see what you can do the on … Continue reading

FIFA 13: New Video Shows Off FIFA 13 Graphics [VIDEO]

Posted on by Alex Muller
FIFA 13 Logo - Unofficial

A new video has been created that shows off the new gameplay and graphics in FIFA 13. FIFA 13 player Kazooie94 was invited to a special event by EA Sports recently, where he got to play the game and capture … Continue reading


Posted on by Laurence McKenna

Take a trip around the world with FIFA 13: in the new TV spot. A star-studded ad containing the likes of Joe Hart, Karim Benzema, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and cover boy Leo Messi. The ad clearly extrapolates the features of FIFA 13 into an intense … Continue reading

Harry Redknapp Appears In FIFA 13 TV Advert [VIDEO]

Posted on by Alex Muller

EA Sports has released a snippet of their FIFA 13 TV commercial, and it stars the one-and-only Harry Redknapp. The former Tottenham Hotspur manager makes a cameo in the FIFA 13 TV advert. Whether he appears in more scenes, or … Continue reading

What FIFA 13 Questions Do You Have For EA Sports?

Posted on by Laurence McKenna

Tomorrow morning, EPL Talk will be provided special access to play FIFA 13. The idea of the visit: Play the game. Ask Questions. Show you. So here’s the perfect post for you to pose your questions about FIFA 13. You … Continue reading

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team: An Introduction [VIDEO]

Posted on by Alex Muller

EA Sports has released an introductory video to show the new features and benefits of the Ultimate Team option for the upcoming release of FIFA 13. According to EA Sports, you can build your Ultimate Team of football stars by … Continue reading