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Soccer America Drinks ABC/ESPN Kool-Aid

Posted on by Christopher Harris

This World Cup is exposing two different camps in the US. On one side, you have the those broadcasters and media who are “in bed” with US Soccer, such as ABC, ESPN and Soccer America. On the other side, you … Continue reading

ABC/ESPN Coverage Does US No Favors

Posted on by Christopher Harris

It hasn’t been a good few days for the United States. While many die-hard soccer fans have had to wince at the weekend’s World Cup coverage from ABC, the situation was made worse today by ESPN’s sycophant World Cup Live … Continue reading

ABC: Another Big Co*k-Up

Posted on by Christopher Harris

ABC’s Day 2 World Cup coverage, I believe, was appalling. Sure, Marcelo Balboa misspoke and said “Michael Beckham” during the England match, but that was an unfortunate slip. But what I was more pissed off at was lead commentator Dave … Continue reading

Americans Get a Taste of ABC World Cup Programming

Posted on by Christopher Harris

If you blinked, you may have missed it, but this past weekend ABC showed two World Cup shows to get Americans excited about the World Cup. The first, “American Soccer’s Ten Greatest Moments,” might sound like a joke to most … Continue reading

ESPN Interested in Bidding for Premiership TV Rights

Posted on by Christopher Harris

Today is the deadline for the first round of bidding for the rights to the 2007-2013 Premiership TV season, and The Guardian newspaper reports that ESPN is interested in purchasing the overseas rights. In North America, ESPN already owns the … Continue reading

ESPN Nil, Fox Soccer Channel Two

Posted on by Christopher Harris

It was June 9, 1993. Graham “The Turnip??? Taylor’s England team is defeated 2-0 by the US national side at Foxboro – just five months before Taylor was sacked by England. What sticks in my mind, though, is the inexcusable … Continue reading