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Seattle Rolls Out Red Carpet for Man Utd and its Supporters

Posted on by Troy Warzocha

Let me begin by saying that I love Seattle. I really do. As someone who lives about 8 hours away, I’ve been to this city many times and have been to numerous Seahawks and Mariners games. As far as my … Continue reading

Have We Seen the End of the 90-Plus Point Behemoth in the Premier League?

Posted on by Troy Warzocha

We’ve all seen it before. A man or lady approaches a burly fellow holding a clipboard. He is the gatekeeper and behind him is a passageway into an exclusive club where the music is loud, the drinks flow freely and … Continue reading

Champions League: The New Drug for the Mid-Table Premier League Footballer

Posted on by Troy Warzocha

The place is foreign but familiar. Alien yet indigenous. He had been here before – in dreams and on TV – but this time it’s different. As London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra blares over the speaker system, the gravity of the … Continue reading