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Author Archives: Tony Butterworth

If Each Major European Soccer League Had An All-Star Team, What Players Would You Choose?

Posted on by Tony Butterworth

As a follow up to my article about forming national teams from players in the Premier League, I then thought of the idea of forming teams based on the best players from each of the major leagues.  Following this thought, … Continue reading

What If National Teams Only Featured Premier League Footballers? Here Are Our 14 All-Star Squads

Posted on by Tony Butterworth

In this international week, and inspired by this article recently posted on World Soccer Talk, I thought it would be interesting to look at forming international teams out of players who play in the Premier League. Little did I know how … Continue reading

It’s Time For Video Technology to be Introduced To Help Make Offside Decisions

Posted on by Tony Butterworth

What a mess I am in. Despite my love of modern tools, music and life, I have a broad traditionalist streak when it comes to my soccer. Then, despite my passion for Manchester United and my dislike of Liverpool and … Continue reading

4 Ways To Shake Up the Insufferable International Breaks

Posted on by Tony Butterworth

Let’s start with a clear statement. I don’t really like international football and I hate international breaks. I didn’t used to have this feeling, but I do now. I should also add that while I live in the United States, … Continue reading

How UEFA’s Financial Fair Play Concept Is Severely Flawed

Posted on by Tony Butterworth

Despite being a fan of one of the “big” teams I was quite excited when I first heard about Financial Fair Play. A system that could help balance the increasingly top heavy world of financial football. As a resident of … Continue reading

An Ode To John O’Shea

Posted on by Tony Butterworth

I love John O’Shea. Okay, it’s in that manly football fan kind of way, but still – I love John O’Shea. He’s my kind of player — not overly talented, not overly athletic and not overly handsome. But he will … Continue reading

Premier League Survival: The 6 Teams Battling To Avoid Relegation

Posted on by Tony Butterworth

The relegation from and promotion to the Premier League is starting to shape up. Still room for decisions and intrigue but nowhere near as unclear as it was a few weeks ago. First, Premier League relegation. In my opinion the … Continue reading

Who Will Be Promoted From the Championship To Premier League?

Posted on by Tony Butterworth

Just like the bottom of the Premier League (which became even more congested this week), the top of the Championship presents a tangled mess of possibilities. With two automatic promotion spots on the line and playoffs for the next four, … Continue reading

I Don’t Want Any Premier League Clubs Relegated, Except One

Posted on by Tony Butterworth

Who am I? I’m a 44 year old Brit who now lives in the US. I attended my first game in 1967, aged 6 months, and was a season ticket holder and Manchester United supporter during the dark times of … Continue reading