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Author Archives: Robert Hay

5 Reasons Italy Should Worry About Costa Rica

Posted on by Robert Hay

You can forgive Azzurri fans for being a little overconfident going into Friday’s match with Costa Rica.  With Italy vanquishing England in the first match and Uruguay getting thumped by the universally agreed worst team in the group, the road … Continue reading

Arsenal Interested In Signing Italy Striker Mario Balotelli, Says Report

Posted on by Robert Hay

Even though the eyes of the soccer world are focused on Brazil, the transfer market is heating up back in Europe. One of the hottest rumors floating around England is that Arsenal are interested in signing Mario Balotelli. Depending on what … Continue reading

Much-Maligned Jermaine Jones Was Key Man in US Win Against Ghana

Posted on by Robert Hay

Jurgen Klinsmann has always had a close attachment to Jermaine Jones. Whether it was because he was one of the first high-profile German dual nationals to come play for the United States in this squad or he positionally was key … Continue reading

What Should England Fans Expect Tactically from Italy?

Posted on by Robert Hay

England and Italy is a match-up with a lot of history, and as the two soccer powers prepare to face each other Saturday, England fans need to know an important fact – this is not the Italy team you are … Continue reading

Stop The Griping: It Was Croatia, Not the Referee That Lost the Match to Brazil

Posted on by Robert Hay

In the modern game, we have lost out on the candid and honest interview in the media.  That’s why the sound bites after Brazil’s 3-1 victory over Croatia were so good.  Croatian coach Niko Kovac was right to say after … Continue reading

The Other World Cup Story – The Brazil Protests and FIFA’s Future

Posted on by Robert Hay
Brazil protests

When Brazil and Croatia kickoff on Thursday, the eyes of the world will be on the host nation for the world’s most watched sporting event.  The events outside the stadium, however, could be just as closely watched and the implications … Continue reading

Top 10 Lines to Use if You Want to Sound Smart About the World Cup

Posted on by Robert Hay
World Cup Bracket

Chances are that if you are visiting World Soccer Talk, you know enough about the World Cup to hold down a semi-intelligent conversation about the tournament at a cocktail party.  However, if you are new to the sport and trying … Continue reading

The Best of the Non-World Cup Qualifying Players: Would This Team Win the World Cup?

Posted on by Robert Hay
Zlatan Leverkusen

Every four years, 32 nations come together to determine which country has the best soccer talent in the world.  The limitation to 32 nations, however, leads to a simple problem – sometimes the world’s greatest talent is on a national … Continue reading

USMNT Fans Must Be Realistic About United States’ World Cup Chances

Posted on by Robert Hay

We are less than one week away from the kickoff of the 2014 World Cup but the hype machine has been churning for the U.S. national team: “We are due for a win over Ghana, we should have won the … Continue reading

Book Review: ‘The Global(ized) Game’ By Harrison Stark: A Geopolitical Guide to World Cup 2014

Posted on by Robert Hay

With the World Cup so close after such a long wait, now is the time for the release of numerous pieces, books, and articles about the participants, each one vying to be the authoritative source.  Besides some of the more … Continue reading

Inzaghi Will Not Solve Milan’s Woes

Posted on by Robert Hay

  Recently, I wrote a piece pointing the finger for AC Milan’s woes at one man, Silvio Berlusconi.  While I hope you read and comment on the article, the short summary is that Milan needs new ideas (and more money) … Continue reading

Why Arsenal Need to Build Off The FA Cup Triumph

Posted on by Robert Hay

On Saturday, I did the unthinkable. I left my open beer sitting on the table next to me untouched for 75 minutes in the second half and stoppage time of the FA Cup. Like many soccer fans, I tend to … Continue reading

Why Silvio Berlusconi Needs to Leave AC Milan For the Betterment of the Club

Posted on by Robert Hay

By the time the final whistle blows on the Serie A season this Sunday, the odds are that AC Milan will be without European football next season.  There is a chance they can jump a few clubs into sixth, but … Continue reading

‘Papers in the Wind’ By Eduardo Sacheri: Book Review

Posted on by Robert Hay

One of the things that bugs me most about popular culture is the lack of quality fictional moves about soccer. Bend It Like Beckham may have been the last good fictional account where soccer played a prominent role, and even that … Continue reading

Coppa Italia Final Overshadowed By Fan Violence [VIDEO]

Posted on by Robert Hay

The spectacle that took place outside and inside the Stadio Olimpico on Saturday was probably missed by most soccer fans.  The lead-up to the Coppa Italia final was full of anticipation – both Fiorentina and Napoli play an open and … Continue reading

Why We Should Care About “We Are All Monkeys,” Even If It Was A PR Campaign

Posted on by Robert Hay

It is easy to be cynical in the modern sports era, so it is easy to have doubts about the spontaneously wonderful viral social media campaign “We Are All Monkeys”.  The campaign sprung up last weekend after a banana was … Continue reading

Book Review: Distant Corners By David Wangerin

Posted on by Robert Hay
Layout 1

As MLS and the U.S. Soccer Federation try to create a modern soccer history, complete with its heroes, stories, and even villains, they often set aside our nation’s soccer past to complete their narrative. We often forget that the United … Continue reading

Posted in Book Review | 1 Comment

Why Serie A Needs The Azzurri To Be Successful

Posted on by Robert Hay

At first glance, all seems right in Serie A this season.  Traditional power Juventus is atop the league table with the scudetto seemingly in hand, a resurgent traditional power in A.S. Roma sits behind them, and in third is big-spender … Continue reading