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Author Archives: Robert Anke

American Shmundits. Argh!

Posted on by Robert Anke

I play much more soccer than basketball.  But when it comes to the end of televised seasons, I watch much more basketball than soccer.  Maybe it has something to do with the excitement of a top quality league that actually … Continue reading

Showwww Hodgson the Moneeeeeyyyy

Posted on by Robert Anke

Fulham manager Roy Hodgson put an early bug in Mohamed Al Fayed’s ear for coinage toward the’10-’11 season.  After reading about it and watching his current patchwork team, decimated by injuries, put together two wins and a draw while keeping … Continue reading

"Sparsenal" vs. Stoke

Posted on by Robert Anke

Hubris.  That’s all it can be labeled. How many of us saw the “Sparsenal” team Arsene Wenger fielded Sunday versus Stoke, and said to ourselves, “Aw come ON.”  I mean, most of us tune in to Arsenal games to watch … Continue reading

Ruminations on Landon Donovan: a Yankee Perspective

Posted on by Robert Anke

Donovan.  Another solid performance.  While all the nay-sayers are stewing, waiting for him to stumble, donning the ill-got rep they bestowed on him after a couple short stints in Germany, I want to see him score goals.  I don’t care … Continue reading

Arsenal FC: Here's To The Off-Days

Posted on by Robert Anke

We all have off-days. If we play sports, we have off-days and occasional injuries. If we’re Arsenal we have off-days, occasional injuries, and the opportunity to win a lot of trophies if we use the transfer window well. If not? … Continue reading