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John Terry and the FA: A Proportionate Response?

Posted on by Peter Stickney
John Terry

So after last week’s verdict, John Terry is guilty according to the FA.  But he’s not guilty according to Westminster magistrates court.  Yes but he is still guilty….. or, well, not guilty.  Ok, he’s guiltily not guilty.  Clear?  Good, glad … Continue reading

Understanding English Footballers: Is James Milner the Key?

Posted on by Peter Stickney

James Milner is a player who I have admired and been confused by in equal measures for some time now.  How could he leave Aston Villa where he was highly regarded, played brilliantly and led the team, and then go … Continue reading

Swansea City Is At Liberty to Reach New Heights This Season

Posted on by Peter Stickney

At the moment, comments abound about people “speaking too soon” this season and I think for the most part that sentiment is well founded.  The sensible pragmatist stays well clear of this type of comment, the worst place to have … Continue reading

Everton FC; The Premier League Club That Gets Little to No Respect

Posted on by Peter Stickney

Last year I ruined the beginning of a perfectly good holiday in the south of France by sitting in my rental car outside an Internet cafe stealing WiFi in order to listen to Everton against Queens Park Rangers. Full of … Continue reading