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Author Archives: Nathan Low

The Return of the Gentleman’s Game to English Football

Posted on by Nathan Low

Photo by Leslie Millman-Manchesterunitedman1 Born in England, football has always been considered by purists as a gentleman’s game. But lately the notion seems reserved for nostalgic old-timers, pining fuddy-duddies ignorant of the modern game’s evolution. The growth of the sport … Continue reading

Wayne Rooney Signing Seems A Little Fishy

Posted on by Nathan Low

So that’s it, then? Wayne Rooney re-signed at Manchester United. Now, the dickie birds may sing again. A lone cow forages on pastures still green. But isn’t his dramatic u-turn just a little bit fishy? In a bureaucratic footballing environment … Continue reading

Bolton-Manchester United: Player Ratings

Posted on by Nathan Low

Wanderers hosted Man United at the Reebok Saturday evening. The first half was argy-bargy as both teams wrestled for control. Each side had chances during the often end-to-end passages of play. The breakthrough was fortunate for United and abysmal for … Continue reading

Man United Need Leaders Like Roy Keane

Posted on by Nathan Low

“There’s only one Keano” usually isn’t sung as a lamentation, but never before have Man United missed Roy Keane so much. Whether berating a prawn sandwich culture, or throwing under-performing players publicly under the bus, the man Keane never hesitated … Continue reading

The Rise And Fall Of Cristiano Ronaldo

Posted on by Nathan Low

Confidence is piercing: It attacks the disposition in those it encounters with a domineering force. Arrogance is masochistic: It challenges those dispositions to return force in kind plus more. It demands unequal retribution. It bolsters the defending. Ronaldo has none … Continue reading

Man United Defeat Against Liverpool A Blessing In Disguise

Posted on by Nathan Low

Liverpool humiliated Man United 4-1 Saturday at Old Trafford in a statement victory that may sustain the Merseysiders’ title ambitions: fact. For United, losing soundly to their most fierce rivals at home couldn’t have been better timed or circumstanced: thesis. … Continue reading

Scholes Inimitable as United Delete Fulham

Posted on by Nathan Low

“His passes stretched forever.” To cite any other player being more dominant and expressive in a match this season than Paul Scholes was against Fulham is nigh impossible. The ginger prince shies from cameras and adulation, but on the field … Continue reading

Beckham Divorce with MLS Mutual, Inevitable, Deserved

Posted on by Nathan Low

David Beckham wants to leave the Los Angeles Galaxy and stay in Italy, and so does the MLS—but they won’t admit it. The current transfer saga itself, as AC Milan negotiate making Beckham’s loan move permanent, is the type of … Continue reading