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Sharing the Love – 5 Suggestions to Get Your Significant Other Into the EPL

Posted on by Michael Costa

As the dawn of a new EPL season nears, I am preparing to spend countless hours over the next 10 months following the drama that is the Premier League.  The 2010 season also marks my first as a married man, … Continue reading

Musings From My Trip to the Greatest Sporting Event on Earth

Posted on by Michael Costa

Through some fortuitous timing on my part, and the benevolence of my wonderful wife, I was able to spend a large part of our recent honeymoon in South Africa…for the 2010 World Cup!  Since arriving back Stateside, I’ve attempted to … Continue reading

Are You A Football Turncoat?

Posted on by Michael Costa

There has been a fair bit of discussion on the message boards of late regarding what makes a true EPL supporter. There seems to exist this notion that one cannot be a true supporter of a club if they were … Continue reading