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Author Archives: John Nicholson

Inter Milan Schools Barcelona In The Art Of Defending

Posted on by John Nicholson

Football is all about goals. That’s the cliché anyway, and it’s obviously true. Goals win games. But while this remains true, football is also about the art of defending. Defending is the less glamorous brother of attacking; the more dour, … Continue reading

Why Nearly Everyone is a Tottenham Hotspur Supporter

Posted on by John Nicholson

Any club in the world that currently employees a top class player and wants to keep hold of him will for the next couple of weeks be avid Spurs supporters. Currently the north Londoners hold a two point lead over … Continue reading

Why Arsenal's Season Has Not Been A Failure

Posted on by John Nicholson

So it looks as though that’s it for another year for Arsenal. Another trophy-less season. Wenger’s admirable faith in his side may have been slightly misplaced after all. They’re not far away from being winners but not close enough. But … Continue reading

Why No Premier League Teams Remaining In Champions League Is Not A Big Deal

Posted on by John Nicholson

In the coming days there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth about the fact that the Premier League, for the first time in seven years, has no teams in the semi-final of the Champions League. Boo Hoo. Does … Continue reading

Who Wants To Be A Football Manager?

Posted on by John Nicholson

The pleasures of playing football are easy enough to understand. It’s a great sport and if you’re any good you get a shed load of cash, the sexual attentions of fake blonde women, and a mock Tudor house full of … Continue reading

Eriksson Gets Another Chance To Prove British Media Wrong

Posted on by John Nicholson

You’ve got to hand it Sven Goran Eriksson. He gets some good gigs. His latest as boss of Ivory Coast for the World Cup will see him once again perform on the highest stage of all and, whisper it quietly, … Continue reading

The Football Association Does F*** A**

Posted on by John Nicholson

If you are the CEO of a company, you expect to have most if not all the power to make decisions. It’s down to you to drive the business, to solve problems and delegate where necessary. You’re in charge and … Continue reading

Ancelotti Outclassed By Mourinho In Battle Of Stamford Bridge

Posted on by John Nicholson

Proponents of the notion that the Premier League is the best in the world – an oft repeated mantra – might want to shut up for once and take a look at the Champions League this year. For the past … Continue reading

Is the Premier League The Best In The World?

Posted on by John Nicholson

After a Champions League week in which both Arsenal and United cruised through, the media in UK goes overboard. There are rarely any shades of grey in press coverage here. You’re a hero or a zero and that’s pretty much … Continue reading

England's Weaknesses Exposed In 3-1 Win Against Egypt

Posted on by John Nicholson

Having watched virtually every England game for over 40 years now its odd how little changes. We rarely put on a virtuoso display and we usually come away feeling as though we really should play better. Even when we do … Continue reading

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Jose Mourinho: Why We Love The Man

Posted on by John Nicholson

Jose. What a man. He patrols the touchline, immaculately dressed part drama queen, part coach. Watching Inter Milan on TV is essential viewing, less for the football than for the Jose show. Love or loath him, he is compulsive viewing. … Continue reading

Why I'll Be Cheering For Man United, Arsenal and Liverpool This Week

Posted on by John Nicholson

Watching European football has always had an exotic element for us in Britain. In the 60s and 70s, abroad was a long way away. The world seemed much bigger and the visit of a team from Italy, Germany or Albania … Continue reading

Man City Got The Right Man With Adam Johnson Signing

Posted on by John Nicholson

If you hadn’t been paying attention to Middlesbrough last season or the first half of the current campaign in the Championship – and let’s face it – most people don’t pay much attention to Middlesbrough – you won’t have seen … Continue reading

Why Wayne Bridge Needs To Grow Up After John Terry Episode

Posted on by John Nicholson

Not many think Capello has made the wrong decision to strip Terry of the England captaincy. But I think its an awful decison. I’m not concerned with Terry in the slightest, nor Bridge. But as soon as you start making … Continue reading

John Terry Scandal May Help England, Not Hurt Them

Posted on by John Nicholson

There are few worse sights in life than the British public led by a feral media into a moral uproar. I mistrust the morality of the mob. I heard one fan saying he wouldn’t want a man like Terry holding … Continue reading

West Ham United Owners Aim To Take Hammers To New Highs

Posted on by John Nicholson

Pornography isn’t everyone’s cup of meat. However, it’s all around us. You are currently two clicks away from watching as much hot lovin’ as your body can stand. Quite whether this is a good thing or a deeply immoral thing, … Continue reading

Does Manchester City Have The Self Belief To Be Cup Winners?

Posted on by John Nicholson

It’s probably not often that Manchester City and Prince get mentioned in the same sentence. I doubt the little funky fella spends much time pondering events at Eastlands or writing songs inspired by Micah Richards. However, we can look to … Continue reading

Frank Lampard, Hooligans and a Muffin

Posted on by John Nicholson

Ask most American’s what Britain is famous for and you’ll invariably get the same answers. Bad teeth, The Beatles, The Queen, Benny Hill and Are You Being Served and the muffin – which is a bizarre sexual practise we are … Continue reading