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Author Archives: John Nicholson

Glasgow Connection in Premier League Grows With Norwich City

Posted on by John Nicholson

With Norwich City’s remarkable promotion to the Premier League under the stewardship of Paul Lambert, it will raise the number of Premier League managers born in and around Glasgow in Scotland to seven. If Nottingham Forest are successful in the … Continue reading

Time For Man City to Stamp Out Munich Chants

Posted on by John Nicholson

Editor’s note: Back story: The Telegraph reported that after yesterday’s one-nil win by Manchester City against Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park, some City supporters reportedly began chanting ‘Who put the ball in the Munichs’ net’ to Yaya Toure, who scored … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Manchester Football Clubs

Posted on by John Nicholson

As the Manchester clubs line up against each other this weekend, we shall be viewing two very different clubs. One aspirant, the other dominant. Whatever the result, City have a hell of a long journey to walk before they can … Continue reading

How Spurs Are Like England

Posted on by John Nicholson

As I was watching Spurs play Real Madrid, the missus wandered in the room and sat down. She knows little about football and could care less about it. But like all Geordies, she knows the basics having been weaned on … Continue reading

Why The FA’s Respect Campaign Is A Waste Of Time

Posted on by John Nicholson

The Respect campaign is five years old this season, so how’s that going? Well, it depends on how you judge such things. The view of the players, as voiced by players union head Clarke Carlisle is that behaviour of players has … Continue reading

Javier Hernandez: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Posted on by John Nicholson

The art of being a striker is, of course, largely about scoring goals or at least, setting them up for someone else. However, that is achieved in many different ways. Some strikers are battering rams, some are more creative types … Continue reading

And Now For Something Completely Different: Scottish Football

Posted on by John Nicholson

I live in Scotland. Or at least I do for the next five days, after which I shall be living the life of a landed aristocrat in the Norfolk broads as I move to a big old country thatched house … Continue reading

What Liverpool Should Do With King Kenny

Posted on by John Nicholson

Liverpool fans are rightfully delighted with what Kenny Dalglish has done for the club since he replaced Roy Hodgson. An unbeaten run has seen them climb the league and perhaps just as important, Dalglish has imbued everyone with a sense … Continue reading

Barcelona Bore Me To Death

Posted on by John Nicholson

I’m writing a piece for today about Barcelona which, in essence expresses how frustrating I find their football; how, though it is technically brilliant, it just doesn’t stir my football passions. I find it quite clinical and cold while … Continue reading

Chelsea’s £75m Transfer Window Spend Smells Of Desperation

Posted on by John Nicholson

So Roman Abramovich has decided its time to start spending money again, has he? About time too, many Chelsea fans might say. The press have seen this as indicative of him being prepared to rebuild Chelsea again. Seventy five million … Continue reading

Andy Gray and Richard Keys: Instant Karma Got You

Posted on by John Nicholson

The sacking and resignation of Sky’s Andy Gray and Richard Keys for what has been branded all across the media as ‘sexist behaviour’ raises many interesting questions. Reports of a culture of bullying and intimidation featuring Gray and Keys have … Continue reading

Darren Bent is Exactly What is Wrong With English Football

Posted on by John Nicholson

Darren Bent is what I call a stupid English footballer. It’s not a reflection on his intelligence per se, though I’m pretty sure he’s no educated sophisticate. Here is a decent player, not exceptional but decent. But he has a … Continue reading

How English Football Is A Contradiction

Posted on by John Nicholson

Football can be a form of torture, seemingly designed to twist your blood into knots, defying any logic and contradicting even the wisest pundits and fans. If Roy Hodgson had just lost to Manchester United and Blackpool there would be … Continue reading

Venky’s Are Turning Blackburn Rovers Into a Laughing Stock

Posted on by John Nicholson

Have you ever been to Blackburn? I have. It’s like many old Lancashire mill towns, a little bit grim, a little bit run-down and definitely not like either Milan or the Brazilian resort of Florianopolis and it’s certainly not a … Continue reading

Why Dimitar Berbatov Is a Football Artist

Posted on by John Nicholson

There are some footballers who we can all agree about. Lionel Messi, for example. There can’t be any serious observer who would think he’s over-rated. But such unanimity is very rare in football. Split opinion is much more common and … Continue reading

Manchester City Is Just Another Club In Carlos Tevez's Career As A Mercenary

Posted on by John Nicholson

I heard a Manchester City fan on the radio the other day. He was saying he couldn’t understand why Tevez wanted to leave City because, ‘he’s absolutely worshipped by the fans.’ This guy says this as though this would mean … Continue reading

Newcastle Supporters Deserve Better Than Asinine Mike Ashley

Posted on by John Nicholson

There is almost unanimous outrage at the dismissal of Chris Hughton. From a football point of view it looks unsustainable, all the more so when instability and hysterical appointments have been the reasons behind the decline Newcastle over the past … Continue reading

Would You Rather Be Ferguson or Ancelotti Right Now?

Posted on by John Nicholson

Which of these records sounds the superior one to you? Played 14, Won 7, Drawn 7, lost 0 Or Played 14, Won 9, Drawn 1, Lost 4 Ok, those of you not drunk will have spotted that these two records … Continue reading