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Barcelona Is Atletico Madrid’s Best Chance of Winning La Liga This Season

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A “Must-win” game is a cliché that one might have used to describe this past Sunday’s match between Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid, if one does not fully understand the gravity of that match. “Must-win” is one of those infinitely … Continue reading

Premier League Clubs Are Champions of England But Pretenders of Europe

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Something is rotten in England. Over the past two days, the country that is allegedly home to the strongest, deepest professional soccer league in the world saw two of its three best teams lose to two of the rest of … Continue reading

Is Chelsea’s Eden Hazard the Best Player in the Premier League?

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After Chelsea’s 3-0 victory over Newcastle, José Mourinho said of Eden Hazard: “He’s the best young player in the world. Under 23, under 24, he is for sure the best in the world and if he continues in this direction, who … Continue reading

From Champions to Also-Rans: Dealing With The Fall of Manchester United

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Manchester United is not just a football club. Manchester United is an idea. The idea is that they are exceptional in some fundamental way. The idea is that the general rules somehow do not apply to them — They do … Continue reading