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Proud native of Belfast, still clinging on to my 20's and my hair, new to this whole writing lark. I regard myself as an optimist but spend most of my time complaining. Terrible, isn't it?

David Moyes is The Only One to Blame For Manchester United’s Decline

Posted on by Fergus

Whilst Manchester United manager David Moyes is still trying to get used to being manager of the biggest club in the world, I have been adapting to life as a married man. My darling wife has zero interest in English … Continue reading

Why International Soccer Needs a Revamp To Stay Relevant

Posted on by Fergus

Theoretically, international soccer is the absolute pinnacle of any player’s career — proudly representing your homeland, fighting tooth and nail to get a result against other teams with comparable national pride. The thought of representing your nation at a major … Continue reading

The Evolution Of British Soccer Fans From Neanderthals to Warriors of the Light

Posted on by Fergus

Football journalist Gabriele Marcotti, a self-pronounced European football expert and intellectual, proudly considers himself to be part of an enlightened group he refers to as ‘Warriors of the Light’. This is in reference to any coaches, players or analysts who … Continue reading