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Author Archives: Eric Altshule

Which Team is Better – 2002 or 2009?

Posted on by Eric Altshule

There has been some talk lately about how the USMNT has regressed from its best teams of the past decade – that a lack of veteran leadership has made this team shakier and that Bob Bradley is making do with … Continue reading

Does Jermaine Jones Have a Future on the US Team?

Posted on by Eric Altshule

Many US fans have been rubbing their hands in anticipation of having Schalke’s Jermaine Jones playing under the red, white and blue.  The son of a German mother and American father has applied to FIFA to get his team designation … Continue reading

Heath Pearce signs with FC Dallas

Posted on by Eric Altshule

Heath Pearce’s career needs a revival.  Perhaps he can get it in Texas?  Open thread for you Hoops fans…..

Hey Becks – Capello’s Just Not That Into You

Posted on by Eric Altshule

So, David Beckham flew all the way from Los Angeles to London so he could sit on the bench for the friendly against Slovakia and play 10 minutes of garbage time once England had a four goal lead against Croatia.  … Continue reading

Dempsey’s Foul: The Wrong Call

Posted on by Eric Altshule

As much as I enjoy Kartik’s writing and analysis, let me add a counter-point on this.  The referee clearly blew this call, and there are no rules of the game or replay angels that would ever indicate otherwise. That being … Continue reading

Random Thoughts on USA 2, El Salvador 1

Posted on by Eric Altshule

The US did not play particularly well, but three points is three points. After the loss at Azteca, the most important thing the US needed to do was put a W up on the board, and they did that. There … Continue reading

The MLS is a Developmental League. So What?

Posted on by Eric Altshule

One of the major complains that many have against the MLS is that it is a developmental league. No American dreams of playing for the San Jose Earthquakes or the Kansas City Wizards – they imagine themselves playing in Italy, … Continue reading