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Betting Odds On Footballers Heading to Manchester United

Posted on by Dean Stell

Two things that I love about the Premier League are the transfer window and the rampant, unashamed culture of gambling on sports in England. In the United States, we have our trade deadlines for American sports, but they never quite … Continue reading

3 Reasons Why I Feel Sorry For Major League Soccer

Posted on by Dean Stell

I feel sorry for MLS. Sure, I think their business model is sort of wacky and elitist. Why can’t they just adopt promotion/relegation like the rest of the world? Why can’t they just have a single table with a balanced … Continue reading

11 Ways Playing Soccer Changes The Way You View The Beautiful Game

Posted on by Dean Stell

I didn’t play soccer as a child. I’m one of those American soccer fans who came to the sport as an adult. I wasn’t one of you.  I’m new(er) but found that I could inhale a LOT of soccer knowledge … Continue reading

A Lesson For Manchester United From American Sports: How Not To Replace A Legend

Posted on by Dean Stell

The news that Sir Alex Ferguson is retiring as manager of Manchester United at the end of the 2012-13 season brings a medley of emotions.  Of course, as a United fan, I am sad to see him go.  SAF has … Continue reading

What Do You Think Should Be Done to Stop Match-Fixing?

Posted on by Dean Stell

Is it any surprise that match fixing occurs?  Every year countless billions are wagered on sports around the world.  In 2011, $3.2 billion was wagered on sports… in Nevada casinos alone!  Just online sports gambling in England, France, Italy and … Continue reading

How a Mansfield Town Scarf Caused a Stir in a Man United Home

Posted on by Dean Stell

Given Oldham Athletic’s triumph over the mighty Liverpool FC this past weekend, this story needs to be told. A few weeks ago, I enjoyed the 3rd round of the FA Cup. The highlight of the weekend was watching Mansfield Town … Continue reading

2 Alternative Viewpoints About Mike Dean’s Red Cards Awarded in Arsenal-Manchester City Game

Posted on by Dean Stell

In the Arsenal against Manchester City match, what a way to spoil a perfectly good game of soccer, huh? Referee Mike Dean didn’t have a whole lot of choice when Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny wrapped his arms around Manchester City … Continue reading

Why Do So Many Englishmen in America Not Follow Soccer?

Posted on by Dean Stell

While soccer is growing in the United States, the fandom of an American soccer fan can still be a solitary experience.  Most people I interact with on a daily basis aren’t fans of the sport, much less enthusiastic fans who … Continue reading